Does this room look familiar?

Up until last week my studio was in our unfinished basement.


My husband had been trying to talk me into taking our dining room as my studio for over a year.

He couldn't stand that the room was only getting used three to four times a year.



I had been adamant that I didn't want to take the room but this winter my creativity was definitely affected by the lack of sufficient light and heat in the basement.


Since the majority of my creative time is in the evenings the whole light and heat thing was keeping me from wanting to venture down to my studio.

Not anymore.


The morning light is INCREDIBLE in my new studio and to have such amazing light in the evenings has truly changed my desire to create.


I have a TON of supplies so most of my supplies are still in the basement and that is just fine with me. 

I have been able to focus so much more and I have loved getting back to creating after my break over Christmas.


I feel truly blessed that my husband not only wanted me to have this gorgeous room but that he helped to move all my furniture upstairs.


My husband has already been informed that I doubt I will ever give this room back…even after the basement is finished.

This new space is COMPLETELY me!! 

I love to mix shabby and elegant. 

It is truly my favorite look…so to be able to mix chippy doors,
reclaimed wood and metal desk, wainscoting, silk curtains (and tie them
with burlap) and a huge chandelier pretty much puts me in creating


Thank you for all your questions and it will probably take me all next week to answer them.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you have a chance to create in amazing light and a little heat too:-)