Where This Woman Creates


Does this room look familiar?

Up until last week my studio was in our unfinished basement.


My husband had been trying to talk me into taking our dining room as my studio for over a year.

He couldn't stand that the room was only getting used three to four times a year.



I had been adamant that I didn't want to take the room but this winter my creativity was definitely affected by the lack of sufficient light and heat in the basement.


Since the majority of my creative time is in the evenings the whole light and heat thing was keeping me from wanting to venture down to my studio.

Not anymore.


The morning light is INCREDIBLE in my new studio and to have such amazing light in the evenings has truly changed my desire to create.


I have a TON of supplies so most of my supplies are still in the basement and that is just fine with me. 

I have been able to focus so much more and I have loved getting back to creating after my break over Christmas.


I feel truly blessed that my husband not only wanted me to have this gorgeous room but that he helped to move all my furniture upstairs.


My husband has already been informed that I doubt I will ever give this room back…even after the basement is finished.

This new space is COMPLETELY me!! 

I love to mix shabby and elegant. 

It is truly my favorite look…so to be able to mix chippy doors,
reclaimed wood and metal desk, wainscoting, silk curtains (and tie them
with burlap) and a huge chandelier pretty much puts me in creating


Thank you for all your questions and it will probably take me all next week to answer them.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you have a chance to create in amazing light and a little heat too:-)

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  1. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Oh sweetie it’s so pretty…almost too pretty. How in the world can you make a mess and create anything in that gorgeous room?? LOVE the collage you did! And I want one of those chandeliers…seriously:)

  2. inmyownstyle

    I used to work in my basement, but when we moved to a new home I claimed the formal living room as my space. We had a family room and the two are connected. I love the light and being part of the household, not in the dungeon as I used to call our old basement. I love your photos and seeing all the details and the things that you love.
    Diane at InMyOwnStyle

  3. Tracy

    I have chills for you!! this is so beautiful, so exciting and I can see you creating lots and lots!!
    I don’t know if I ever told you – my sister gifted me the purse she won for Christmas. She knew and heard me SWOOON over it (for months and months…) and when she won, I was so excited for her…it was hard for her but she did it. I’ve been wearing it all over town this week and have been getting compliment after compliment on it.
    I love having a piece of YOU in my everyday!
    Happy Creating ~

  4. Robin Thomas

    Looks beautiful. I am so happy to hear you have a husband that understands your need to create.How smart ofhim to know that it does him no good if you are unhappy. Enjoy it Jeanne!

  5. Kristin

    oh my…if i bring my own paintbrush can i come over for a paint date?…oh wait i don’t own a paint brush…sigh… :0)
    absolutely gorgeous! enjoy and inspire!

  6. Gail

    It looks fantastic! How happy that must make you, what a sweet man your dh is….it’s nice to be warm and have lots of light to create.

  7. Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

    OHMYGOODNESS!!!!! It’s just GORGEOUS!! I am so very happy for you Jeanne…to have an inspiring place to create makes ALL the difference in the world…your studio is so beautiful!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  8. Kari

    It is just amazing. I love every single thing about it, from the old shutter to the silk curtains tied with burlap to the dark dark walls to the chandelier, and every creative, chippy, sparkly touch in between. Absolutely.to.die.for.

  9. Lori

    oh, Jeanne…you are so lucky to have your own space to work in…i am in our dining room…i can’t ever leave anything out, because the cats will cart my stuff away…i wish i had a room where i could close the door…i think i would be in the mood to create more…as it is now, sometimes it just seems like a hassle to me…your space looks gorgeous!!!

  10. oh my good gravy…this is unbelievably lovely! sigh…so pretty! I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing in our home (though in my house I’d have to beg, plead and cajole my husband). What has been stopping me is that there are no closets in the room I’d like to move into. How about your dining room? Do you just go downstairs for what you need?

  11. Kimberly

    Oh, I have had such a hard, hard week and these photos are giving me such joy. Knowing you are in this coziness while creating makes me happy and is giving me a little bit of hope for the future. It is true when we shine our light that it shines the light for everyone and gives them permission too. So thank you for reminding me.

  12. Jen@thecottagenest

    Jeanne! What a wonderful and beautiful space. I’m so happy for you. You deserve it. And the best part is that you appreciate just how fortunate you are. That hubby of yours is a keeper.

  13. Deb

    Wow, Jeanne! This is a gorgeous craft space – so very you! I would want to park myself there and never come out. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be creating in this space!

  14. lissa

    I couldn’t possibly love it more!!! I’m so happy to see that you love the banner I sent you! That makes me smile! xoxoxo
    i miss you…

  15. lissa

    I’m looking at the pics again and thinking, “OH I HOPE MY SOFA TABLE ARRIVES BEFORE YOU DO!!! it’s on backorder…
    Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!

  16. Becky G.

    I love your new space! My space is our tiny smallest bedroom, and it is packed with all my stuff and a bit of hubby’s (a curio cabinet he won’t let me dispose of and his exercise bike). And I’d love to renovate, but the budget is tight these days. But I love it because the 1 window in the room looks out over the woods behind our house, and the deck where I have bird feeders, and I can sit and watch the birds enjoying the food I put out for them. And the late afternoon light is incredible!

  17. gabrielle

    Oh it’s beautiful! I have to say I know how you feel… my studio is in our basement, and I have the same problem. I tend to haul everything upstairs and make a mess of the kitchen and family room!

  18. Luci

    What a wonderful space you have created for yourself. You have inspired me to cast a sneaky eye into my own large, sunny dining room that is never used. Hmmmm…
    Maybe I’ll tell my husband “But Jeanneoli’s husband let HER do it!”

  19. LuLu

    True Love! This post had me smiling for you. What an amazing space in your beautiful home.. and it’s full of LOVE!!!
    happy creating,

  20. Tara

    oh my goodness, I love love love this! It is so beautiful Jeanne, I could go on and on, but I won’t…I know you have some creating to do! Happy weekend and if you make those ruffled aprons, the one on your mannequin, I forgot her name, sorry, I WANT one! πŸ™‚ much love, Tara

  21. paige

    thinkin jo packham needs to drop by for a visit!
    expecting great things from you….no pressure! πŸ™‚

  22. Leah C

    Gorgeous spot…I’m drooling over your “new” studio! A little over a year ago, my dh suggested we turn our living room into my creating space and I love it! I think you & I got lucky in the hubby department:) Enjoy creating!

  23. Jen R

    Your space is totally awesome! ! And you deserve it! I love your piece! I am so happy for you that you have such a lovely space to work in! I know you are going to produce amazing things from in

  24. Stacey

    Thank you so much for sharing your creative space with us! It is such a beautiful space! I can see why your creativity has been unleashed. It makes such a difference the room you create it. My studio is my favorite room in my house – I just LOVE the feel of it and all the magic that goes on in it!!!

  25. Tricia

    What an amazing work space Jeanne! LOVE it! Can we set up a candle making area somewhere in there????? πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your weekend!

  26. Rebekah

    How fortunate you are to have such a gorgeous, inspiring space set apart to be creative! I dream of having a space like that some day.

  27. b.ellen

    Swoon…. love it and completely understand about dreary and cold basements. We recently moved and I now have 2 huge windows to let light in as I sew/craft/launder/etc. My hubby said other day{jokingly} that he forgot I knew how to sew… Now I’m loving that it is so easy to walk into my warm room & create!
    btw I am still kicking myself for not buying one of your little girls dresses a few years ago at the CL fair, I loved them!
    blessings to you, barbara

  28. Suzen

    Jeanne, Congratulations on your new space–don’t we all deserve it?! And no wonder your creativity is flowing; she needs a lil respect and not to be kept in the cold, dark basement! Bless your husband, too. Sounds like a very nice and supportive guy!

  29. Rachel from A Cupcake for Moose

    Whoa…you’re studio is amazing! I can definitely tell your creative sparks are flying in this new room. I’m glad you took the plunge and had an awesome hubby to support bringing out the BEST in you. May you be blessed with creativity and passion in your new studio! LOVE the photos…very inspiring!

  30. shawn

    Looks like my kind of heaven! I create in a closet! ha! Makes yours look even more heavenly. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a fab weekend!

  31. Annette Q

    Hi Jeanne!
    Love your workspace!
    I’m still trying to find a little corner in my new flat where I feel comfortable and happy to create. And if looks even just a little bit like yours I’ll be very happy!

  32. Nancy

    Oh…you space is wonderful! Light and heat mean everything! My art studio used to be upstairs in our attic area with not enough light of heat and I finally moved downstairs to an extra bedroom and transformed the space and have been in heaven ever since. Plus it’s nice to be closer to the kitchen (and bathroom) πŸ™‚

  33. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    Yay! So fun to have your studio in a WARM room right!? We just relocated my crafting room to the guest room in the basement, which IS finished, but still cold in the winter. A space heater usually does the trick, but I’m just really enjoying having all of my things so nicely organized…working on getting it cutesied up now! How in the world do you keep the kids from destroying your new room? My Bailey redecorates every room in my house that’s accessible to her!

  34. Hi Jeanne – It’s wonderful to find you via the Brave Girls website πŸ™‚
    My husband gave me one of the sunniest, best rooms in the house 2 years ago as a gift. He and my son put together my workbench, moved all the furniture around for me, drilled, hammered and hung until they were cross-eyed. All full of love and support for me! It truly makes you feel loved in a way that is impossible to explain. To know that they support my need to make art enough to give over one of the best rooms in the house is humbling, and makes me want to continue to make them proud of me. I’m so happy you were given this gift … I’m positive it’s going to change you in wonderful ways!

  35. traci

    i love the new studio/old dining room. the light is amazing. how sweet of your husband to want the best for your creative environment. happy creating!!!!

  36. kate

    I am so happy for you that you have such a beautiful space to be creative in! I don’t know if I would ever come out!

  37. L~

    I would never leave the room!
    Did you make the ruffled apron?
    B’cuz I am now on a one woman mission to find one(or make one!) πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. tracey

    Jeanne ~
    I don’t even know what to say…I am drooling over each picture, jealous that you have such an incredible space, and awed at how beautiful it all is!!!!!!!!! You deserve an incredible place to work your creativity and talent!!! This is just beyond words spectacular!!!
    πŸ™‚ T

  39. Ginger O

    I am so envious! Love your space… I hope to have a fantastic space with great light eventually, for now I will admire yours. Congrats!

  40. Suz Reaney

    That makes just about the coolest studio I have ever seen in my life.
    You are so lucky and what a sweet, sweet husband you have. Actually you are very deserving and I am glad you have a wonderful place to create.
    I understand because I have my paper things in the basement and I hate to go down there in the winter so I am forever carting things up and down. Blah. The beads are in a little room upstairs that is getting so cute. It’s little but I am loving it.
    Love your music.

  41. Laurel@Simply Bay's Place

    First of all, I immediately said to myself “Isn’t that her dining room”. Yea, sick I know….
    But Jeanne, it is beautiful and I am coveting your space and your hubs for encouraging you to take it over. It is absolutely perfect.
    I can’t wait to see what blessing this space brings you.

  42. Molly @ Star Cottage

    Wow Jeanne, what a wonderful and supportive hubby you have, and an awesome new studio. I am so happy you have a beautiful and spacious creative room. I have been dragging all my stuff up and down the stairs to work in my kitchen only to have to drag it all back down to the basement to put it away. Very tiresome and discouraging. But our cottage is tiny. Someday πŸ˜‰

  43. Kathleen Gauthier

    Hi there, I’m here visiting from Nada’s Farm. I’m so glad I stopped by. I love that you were brave enough to take over that space and make it your very own personal place to create! Lovely job. Bravo!

  44. annie

    What a BEAUTIFUL spot to create!
    I’d want to be under that chandelier ALL the time!
    Lovely, lovely, lovely…every inch.
    I too have been in the basement-for 23 years with no light and my little electric space heater.
    I am FINALLY in the process of moving to a small bedroom….to be continued…YAY!

  45. tiedupmemories

    WoW! Looks beautiful! I’m going through exactly the same thing! I’m in the process of turning my dining room into my studio. My problem is keeping it clean and I’m thinking of curtains on both doorways and then swing them to one side when I want to show it off. We’ll see..but thank you for the inspiration!

  46. stacey

    I guess if you need a dining room for those few times a year, you can just head down to the basement with your guest. I think your ‘new’ studio is fabulous. Love the chandelier. p.s. everyone should have a hubby that encourages them to use one of the main rooms in the house.

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