| The library in our current home is one of my favorite spots |

It has been four weeks since I shared with you that our current home, land and studio was for sale. During the past four weeks we held our last three live workshops here at our current studio which consumed our whole life. We feel like we just ran a marathon. Kelly and I just look at each other in awe that we accomplished what we did! We said we were moving and we have not had one moment to share where! You guys know us pretty well because we are getting constant guesses and many of them truly make sense. Before I share where we are moving I wanted to share where we are NOT moving based upon all of the guesses we have been getting.


We are not moving to Nashville. Both Madolyn and Jack are currently in Nashville and, for about one hot second two years ago, we wondered if the Lord was drawing us there too. Two years ago in January we took about ten days to drive all over the the Nashville area to see if anything was connecting with us. We even found about 22 acres in Leiper’s Fork that had streams and woods but as we walked that property I kept on saying, “If this is you Lord we want it. If it is not you, we don’t.”  We love visiting our children there but unless the Lord changed something HUGE in our hearts, we will not be moving to Nashville.


We are not moving to Manzanita, Oregon (at least not yet).  Manzanita has had my heart since I first visited with my friend Lara Blair over ten years ago and we have had many adventures there. This is where my heart feels the most like me and where we will find something at some point. We have been looking for years. So, expect to see us spending more time there in the future. I even have very clear vision for how we will create and worship there. I am really excited about that and what that means for those that will gather there with us.


We are not moving to California. You guys are good guessers because you know how much I love the ocean but with the cost of living I don’t see that happening.  California will continue to be one of our favorite places to vacation and also see those we love. If we felt like California was were we were supposed to head we wouldn’t be mad about it though because Kelly’s whole family is there along with the ocean, desert and mountains all within a few hours. It would make our nature loving hearts very happy. Can we also talk about the markets, food, vintage, design, lifestyle? Swoon!


We are not moving to Italy (at least not yet). This was your number one guess and for good reason. We have huge vision for this area too and we are prayerful what that means moving forward. For right now we will continue to spend a few months a year there and to also love on the relationships we have along Lake Como. Unless we could get our whole family to move to Italy I don’t see us moving there (at least not for now). I do see us spending more and more time there, especially as each of our children start to do their own thing. We will go back this summer and fall and we are excited about some new collaborations. Our hearts are drawn to this part of the world and especially the people.


I can’t wait to share where we ARE moving! That is coming as soon as I can get my thoughts down.