Winner, winner, chicken dinner {and we are obviously repainting our whole house}

(our video…please pause the music player at the bottom first)

I have some winners here!

Here are the 10 people that are winning a spot in my Building a Creatively Made Business e-course.

Come on down….

Heather Santos of Sparrow’s Journey

Meghan of Sweet Pea and Beans

Alicia of La Famille

Rachel of A Cupcake for Moose

Cathy Bueti of Artsy Butterfly

Carlanda Williamson of Lollie Magpie Designs

Alie of Paper Art Scene

Judy of Twinkle Star Crafts & Vintage Crafts

Amanda (no link provided) who wrote,

What a fantastic opportunity that you’re offering. I have been seriously considering an online blog/business that will allow me to be home more with my son. It’s been very trying attempting to achieve the work/life balance while working away from home.
I’ve always been of the “dreamer” sort, which drives my family crazy. Ir would be amazing if I could actually turn those dreams into something real!!
Thank you !


Annie of  Savor This Moment

If you did not win or you are not registered...there is still time!

The course begins THIS coming Monday!

Click HERE to signup.


Beginning Business Kit

We are paying for one lucky student of the class to receive:

Blog design by Sadie Olive

Postcard design by Sadie Olive

Business card design by Sadie Olive

Basic website design by Sadie Olive

(if you already have a blog/website we will give you a credit towards graphic design work etc)

My favorite planner

My favorite portable office kit

3 hours of one on one time with me (either by skype, phone, email etc) to discuss your business and dreams.

(you don’t have to use this time all at once)

This package is valued at over $1200!

I kind of want to win this:-)

Hurry up…

Only FIVE more days until the class begins.


On a completely different note…I am repainting our whole house.

Well, at least it seems like it.

I painted our entryway and then I just couldn’t stop.

It was really time anyways.

I have a whole list of rooms I want to have repainted this summer.

I know this is crazy to do it now especially with the e-course starting and I am leaving in three weeks to teach in California.

So, over the next weeks this is what our house will look like.

I keep adding samples to the walls and I think I have decided on colors for almost every room.

My walls look a little Punky Brewster and I am ok with that…..for a few weeks at least.

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    1. jeanne Author

      You will get your login info Monday afternoon. Class will go live that evening. I can’t wait!

  1. Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose

    Wow! I am so excited I just had to sit back and cry. Thank you! Do you ever have those moments where you feel like God is nudging you to step out, be brave and believe in your dreams? I can’t wait to take your course and take one step closer to my dreams becoming reality. I’m sooo excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  2. Judy

    Jeanne, I am completely thrilled and honored. Thank you very much for this generous gift. I agree with Rachel (A Cupcake for Moose) that we are often given messages to encourage us to stay on our paths or to take on a new venture. Winning this spot has great meaning for me as well.

    On a lighter note, my husband and I also painted the entire inside of our home just recently. What worked well for us was painting two walls or sections at a time in one room and then moving on to another room and doing two walls there. Then, we would go back to the previous room, move everything back against the newly painted (and now dry) walls and tackle the remaining walls. It took us several weeks to finish it all but painting just two walls at a time allowed us access and some measure of functionality of the rooms while they were still being painted or drying. Good luck and when it is completely finished, you will be thrilled that you took it on despite the busy nature of your schedule.

  3. Barbara

    HUGE congrats to the winners!!! (do they really GET a chicken dinner? somehow missed that in the list…lol)

    We repaint our house…as we find a color (give or take a shade) in the OOOPS section of the paint store….heck…paint that was a bit mistinted…but still the same finish…..regularily 35.00 a gallon for 3.99…i CAN swing a couple shades different…lol…

  4. meghan

    thank you so much jeanne! it seems like we were just standing in the middle of castle rock…me with so many questions, and you with so much information. i am really excited to check out your ecourse and get myself organized and moving forward. woot! xoxo

  5. Cathy Bueti

    Thank you so much Jeanne!!!! I cannot believe I won a spot in class!! I am grinning from ear to ear! I feel as though this is serendipity! It is the nudge I need to take a step. So excited! xo

  6. Heather Santos

    I am beyond thrilled to win a spot in your class! Thank you so much for this! Like Rachel and Judy, I feel like this is one of those little nudges… pretty meaningful to me. Wow, thank you!

  7. Shanon

    Congrats to the winners!
    I can’t wait to see the befores and afters for your painting venture.


  8. alicia @ la famille

    what? what!! SOOO excited and JUST what i need right now! i feel like i need a big boost of confidence right now with my little business…like i have so many questions. thank you so much, jeanne!!! xo, alicia

  9. Alie

    Thank you! I am so excited for this opportunity! Yay! I am ecstatic, Jeanne!

    Good luck with the painting too. It looks like an adventure and one that you will enjoy once it is done.

    Looking forward to the class. ~Alie

  10. patrice longmire

    Jeanne, I’m so excited for you class. I signed up the very first day. You know, I’m a stocker… I mean fan…. Love you and looking forward to this class! I love to paint the inside of my house… Whenever my husband leaves town…. He always calls me and tells me to put the paint brush down… I play my music loud and paint away. Such a easy way to change things up. ox

  11. Annie~SavorThisMoment


    When I saw the video about your e-course, I felt like the breath was knocked out of me. Then, when I entered the contest, I told myself that if I don’t win a spot I will still register for the class. When I read the post today I thought, “wow, great for these girls!~I’ll click on through and check out their blogs!” Then my eye fell onto “and Annie of Savor This Moment” and my heart did a back flip!

    Like many who posted above I’ve felt like I should put more time and effort into my creating but am my own worst enemy. I’m so excited!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!

    Regards, Annie

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