I am out of touch.

I am.

How can we not be when we live in a country like the United States.

We have blessings all around us.

We can waste what others around the world cherish and are dying from lack of .

Over 4,000 children die EVERYDAY from lack of clean drinking water.

I can go to my faucet, refrigerator, grocery store and get water whenever I want it.

I have clean drinking water for cleaning, laundry, showers…and others don’t have it to drink!

I can fill up a kiddie pool in the summer with CLEAN drinking water that my children will play in and then dump out at the end of the day.

I don’t know what it is like to travel for miles for clean water or even muddy water.

I am able to keep my children healthy with clean water…as much as they can drink!

Can you imagine YOUR child dying today because you can’t give them clean water to drink?

Today I am asking 9 of you to help me.

I only need nine more (if more want to help that would be amazing) to give today to support The Adventure Project.

There are 100 bloggers writing today.

The goal is to raise $10,000 in one day to support a well mechanics program in India.

1/2 of all drinking wells built in the last 20 years are broken.

The money raised will be used to do something revolutionary…the money will be used to TRAIN men and women to repair their region’s water wells.

If we raise $10,000, we will help mechanics fix hundreds of wells for years to come, turning water back on for 300 people each month.

Are you excited??? I am!!!!

I truly believe that when people know WHAT to do….that they DO IT!!!

IF 9 of you (I have already donated) donate $20…..YOU WILL BE TURNING WATER BACK ON FOR 3 people in India!!!


Lets do even more!!!!

Click HERE to donate!!!!