We recently went to the rodeo/fair and had a wonderful time.  We met my sister and her famly and my good friend Jamie and her kids.  I had just started cutting out all sugars from my diet and then we go to the fair.   FUNNEL CAKES….does anyone else understand the deep need for these fried pieces of heaven?  It took all my self control but I DID NOT eat one!  Do I hear anyone clapping for me?  I believe my husband and children made up for my self control.  No one but a father would buy children Sprite when they say they are thristy (while eating cotton candy).  Is that even legal?  To say the least we all had so much fun and the kids blew through all the money we had brought on games and rides.  I am pretty convinced that most of the rides are the same ones from when I was growing up and they looked  bad thirty years ago! 



I would like to add that this is my baby boy (almost two) and I would have NEVER allowed my oldest to have this kind of food at this age.  What happens to our standards?  What if he is 15 and doesn't know his colors????


Mom…don't even call and comment on these pictures!


My sister and her sweet family.


Me and my boys!


My friend Jamie and her children.  Our children's ages match up almost perfectly.  They have so much fun playing together. Jamie is a fitness coordinator and do you notice that her children are not eating any junk?