I remember reading the book, “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”.

I think every book club was reading it in 2004.

Who doesn’t remember all the moms on the beach drinking martinis, smoking cigarettes and lathering up themselves and kids in baby oil!

Just thinking about it makes me laugh because their kids were off swimming in a lake while they got tanked.

The pool looks a LITTLE DIFFERENT these days.

Hey, being a mom is tough.

Maybe a little more martinis and cigs would help the day go a little smoother.

And who doesn’t want a baby oil tan?

Kimberly and I thought we would recreate a little 1960s parenting for you at the creek.


FYI…no children or adults breathed any second hand smoke in the making of these photos.

Lemonade doesn’t really cut it as a martini but it was probably a little safer for the kids we were watching.

This is also a VERY good way to get every other mom at the creek to look at you, draw their children closer and walk away.