Being a female artist and business owner has allowed me to walk out interactions that are more raw and exposed than many other professions. I teach and create with a majority of women which means intimate travel, small groups and often very real and open conversations. Through my business consulting and also lifelong relationships with women I hear one thing over and over. Women can feel like we are too much. Whether it is our never-ending ideas, emotions that spill over, opinions, too loud of a laugh, saying yes too much, saying no too much, liking things the way we like them, changing our minds, changing our minds again, feeling stuck, feeling not enough and then feeling like we are too much. These dialogues we have within our own hearts and heads have such a huge impact on the lives we are able to walk out.

I had to walk out life to this point to see all of my muchness for all of the rightness that it is. If I am too much for anyone it should not be me. If I feel like I am too much for people then they are not my people. We need to grow, change, focus and learn what to let go of but the muchness of you…that is everything so right with you! Don’t hide your gifts just because someone else is uncomfortable with their own.

There were years that I lived with my muchness as though I were walking on eggshells with some people. I knew my way of doing things brought out the worst in them so I tamed down my form of creativity and living to not make them uncomfortable. That got old and had me doubting me and what was wrong with the ways I did things. It wasn’t until I was a successful business owner for many years that I realized that everything that my business and life needed was everything I had always been. My ideas, my ways of doing things, the ways I wanted to make life beautiful, the ways I saw art and creativity, the ways I entertain and gather, the ways I wanted to connect through teaching, the ways I want to make people feel, the ways I want to write, photograph, create and live…these are the foundations of our business and WHY it works. My muchness. All of the things that are so right with our business are because of the little and big things that have been with me since the beginning and the same is true for you.

You are not too much. Really.





If you are looking for direction with your next idea, a kick in the pants to start or to have fresh inspiration breathed into your current business I hope you will join me a for an online business workshop that is all about connecting with your gifts, building your brand, launching it out into the world and nurturing what you have created.

We have built our creative business over the past 12 years. We started with a small Etsy shop, manufactured our own soft goods for many years, created an online network with art + lifestyle workshops (wait until you see our new site launching next month!), sell original art + prints, a keynote speaker at large business and women’s workshops around the US, teach live art workshops in the US and abroad, collaborate with artists from all over the world and my first art book for North Light Books was a best seller.

As a business consultant the past four years I have been able to help other creatives get their ideas off the ground, fine-tune an existing business or coach how to take their business to the next level. With our whole heart, we believe it is time to expand this part of our business to work beside more creatives as they building their own Creatively Made Business!

Registration is open for our brand new online business workshop.

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