{image is mine}

I love this quote.

Today is proves very much true.

I sometimes can be delusional that I can juggle a million things.

The truth is I can’t.

When I try I usually prove that all I accomplish is to do everything half way.

When you really put yourself into something everything else falls to the wayside….at least for me.

Today we just launched our new course.

My office is a disaster, the laundry could be climbed, the dishes are piling up, the floor needs a good washing and the kids need loved on.

Today is the first day of the Building a Creatively Made Business.

As all the students start the videos I am going to take today to give extra love to my kids, thank them for being so amazing while we do this and get my bottom outside.

I think I can do those few things well today.

What are you going to do well today?