You Can’t Do Everything {I can attest to this}


{image is mine}

I love this quote.

Today is proves very much true.

I sometimes can be delusional that I can juggle a million things.

The truth is I can’t.

When I try I usually prove that all I accomplish is to do everything half way.

When you really put yourself into something everything else falls to the wayside….at least for me.

Today we just launched our new course.

My office is a disaster, the laundry could be climbed, the dishes are piling up, the floor needs a good washing and the kids need loved on.

Today is the first day of the Building a Creatively Made Business.

As all the students start the videos I am going to take today to give extra love to my kids, thank them for being so amazing while we do this and get my bottom outside.

I think I can do those few things well today.

What are you going to do well today?

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  1. Julia Monroe

    Jeanne, I’m just like that too! I think I can do everything! And often I believe that I’m actually doing it until I get hit with reality and then I realize that a lot has slipped through my fingers. Today I am going to complete a piece of artwork that I have only thought about for weeks. So today, I’m going to stop thinking about it and just Do It! Thank you for your post. It’s making me prioritize. 🙂

  2. Alissa

    so glad to hear that i am not the only one! 🙂 all my life i have been a people pleaser…can’t say no. i feel like i have been failing at the most important parts of my life. doing those things just half way. well now it is catching up to me. so today, i will be doing the laundry, doing the dishes, cleaning, and watch a couple of the videos for the e-course. and hopefully learn to say no, so i can turn my attention to my family, my house, my art.

  3. amy

    enjoy your family today and changing gears in a refreshing way! congratulations on the start of the new class!

  4. Sherry

    This rings so true with me right now Jeanne. It’s what I’ve been talking about the last few days too so this quote is a perfect reminder. I’m loving your new class…and I think you taking the time to love on your children is all you really need to do today. And you do it well. xo

  5. jodi

    Oh, I love this quote! I need to keep reminding myself this all the time. I just signed up for your course. I almost did and then I didn’t thinking no….it’s just not a good time. BUT,……today I did it. I deserve this and am so excited to start tonight when I get home.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!


  6. lissa

    hey sweetie pie pumpkin noodle! I listened to a bit of your e course this morning while I was making the girls’ breakfasts and lunches. You do such a fantastic job! Love the story about the journals and the christmas bazaar. Haven’t heard that one before. i can’t believe how well you put this video together in such a short time! You would think it took you a couple of months. Your husband is a superstar also! YOu make a great team!

  7. Emily

    I struggle with the same thing quite often. Many times I’ll feel like I’m doing everything and then some, but then I’ll realize how many things I wasn’t paying attention to. It’s easy to get caught up in things and become overwhelmed; I think it’s something a lot of people probably struggle with.

    I won a spot in the course from Traci’s giveaway at Beneath My Heart, and I haven’t seen anything about the course yet but I’m super excited to be able to participate. Thank you so much for offering your knowledge and experience!

  8. Melinda

    Loving your course Jeanne!!~ And yes, my laundry is piled super high but I don’t care, I’m going to snuggle with my little one right now too!!~
    Have a joyous day!!~

  9. paige

    i’ll be completely totally honest.
    i sat here in my sweats & my hair still wet from kickboxing. i thought how on earth does jeanne get it all done. you always inspire me & blow me away
    you go & post this.
    i love you

  10. Amber

    I agree:) but I need continual reminding! I also signed up for your e-course & have yet to receive anything? & btw -I am so looking forward to it!:)

  11. Sheila R

    So true. Enjoying your ecourse videos! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talents! Enjoy your day with your kiddos!

  12. joanne nixon

    something has to give if we try to do EVERYTHING…..there are things we just have to let go…the projects will still be there….the children will grow up before your eyes…you won’t regret any time you spend with them….love them to pieces…..

  13. Amy Suardi @ Frugal Mama

    Hi Jeanne,

    I really needed this quote and beautiful image (and music) today. Would you mind if I included this image in my blog today if I give you credit and link back to you? I would appreciate it, since you made it look so pretty.

    Thank you,

  14. Fleaing France

    Oh I can attest to this to. I truly believe on of the keys to happiness is coming to accept this and stop punishing ourselves for falling short of others expectations. Maybe this just comes with age or maybe it’s having raised children and learning it the hard way!

  15. Jennifer

    Hi Jeanne – I’m enrolled in the course but haven’t received a link to it yet. Please send.
    Thanks, Jennifer

    1. jeanne Author

      All logins were sent out Sunday night. I double checked your name and you are in our system. Please check your spam folder. I will send it again too. Please note that your email overrides the previous password.

  16. Jennifer

    I’ve been looking in my spam folder since Monday for the login but it’s not there. I don’t know what you mean by my email overriding my previous password. I’m not aware of a password. Is there any other way to do this?

  17. Amanda A Sweet Life Rocks

    I can understand your point, more than I want to admit :o)
    I don’t like it when I do a bunch of things half way, so I have recently begun learning how to “Focus” (my word for 2012).
    For example, I have dozens of blog posts started, but not published. Hate that! Doing better.

  18. Mike Hawkins

    This is a FANTASTIC quote. I’m a huge fan of David Allen and the Getting Things Done methods.

    It’s crazy: i have a thousand open loops and need to really focus on few of them. So I can feel good about completing them. I think it’s just how I’m wired. Old habits (and DNA) are hard to break. ; -)

    Your blog is awesome. And I usually don’t like music on blogs…but your playlist is wonderful.

    I’m seriously considering signing up for your e-course. I just don’t want it to end up in the ‘half-finished’ pile. 🙂

    Oh, and yes: your kids come first. They grow up so, so quickly. Cherish the moments and love them up every chance you get. My wife and I have two boys – eleven and sixteen. Trust me when I say that ‘time flies’ and it goes faster as you get older. True statements. Cherish the moments.

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