You Have A Story to Tell


As I was growing up I always had a journal

I would write down my daily events, make up stories and even write poetry.

For so long that form of creativity had disappeared from my life until I began to blog.

Life had gotten busy and I don't even remember the last time I had journaled.

I bought journals…I just never opened them and told my story…my story now.

I had forgotten how easily words used to come.

I still have a lot to say. 

I still have a lot I NEED to say. 

I can't thank you enough for the love and encouragement I get everyday from all of you. 

Whether you are a reader that comments or a blog I love to visit…I am inspired. 

Inspired to write, create, love, laugh………….to tell my story.

What do you want to say?

What do you need to say?

Say it……tell your story…..we are all waiting to hear!




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  1. Lori

    the typewriter is sold…did you buy it Jeanne…it is gorgeous!!! i have been wanting an old typewriter for a while now…i am constantly inspired and uplifted when i am hopping around blogland…

  2. paige

    if you could only see how many journals i have…empty ones that is.
    i’ve started so many over the years but fail to keep them up.
    this year has been one of my better years. i ( well actually my hubby) splurged on this gorgeous silver leather day calender thingy & i use it as a journal, sometimes take it to church & write notes in it there too.
    i wish i were better…
    have you ever checked out rebecca sower? if not, i think you’ll love her use of textiles & found items in her journal creations.

  3. Chasity

    it is so much fun to use that creative side…. and i also love practicing my photography through blogging.

  4. suzanne

    I’m with Paige…i’ve always had great intentions, but failed to follow thru regularly. I NOW wish I had. That’s why I love blogging……easy journaling!!!
    thanks for sharing…and I LOVE that typewriter!!!

  5. Brandie

    Ooo, I haven’t had a journal in ages. I used to fill those things up like crazy. I have tons of different notebooks for business things and ideas but I haven’t taken the time to sit and write about me and my life. You have inspired me this morning to do just that. Now, to find the journal and the time;)

  6. Tammy

    I did not “journal”…a diary yes, but with 3 sisters nothing was private…I do remember playing with an old typewriter though and pretending that I was a secretary…LOL! Blogging fun has come as quite a surprise to me!?

  7. traci

    i have been a journal girl too. start tons but lose steam. but oh, i love the idea. blogging has been a way to do this. it’s so fun.

  8. Rebekah

    I have a stack of journals (full!) from my teenage years, but, like you, I haven’t had- or made- time for it in many years. I guess blogging is the new journaling.

  9. mkg

    What a great old typewriter!! I love to read/hear the stories you tell. I have been thinking for some time now that I will begin writing some of mine, though writing does not come easily for me. But you and A and so many others have inspired me to try:)

  10. Tara

    Morning Jeanne~ uhm, errr…well, I love your sentiment here, I really do, but I personally think it is time for me shut up for once! πŸ™‚ I always love coming here and you are an inspiration…keep creating, wriiting and blogging! Muwahhh~

  11. Jackie

    Lovely post! I love buying journals too and then never use them. I love how blogging lets me keep a journal of my days (with pictures!). I like looking back over old posts and remembering different things that have happened, places, people – it’s great!

  12. Lara Blair

    my journals have been filling up like crazy lately. So much to say! The blogging thing has been an incredible sanity-saver lately. Whatever is going on for me with my family or job or fun, silly new interests (like cupcakes and tile πŸ™‚ )—it’s all there to write about…I just love it. What did I do before I blogged?!
    Keep doing what you’re doing, Jeanne! Enjoying it so much.

  13. Rebekah

    I never journaled and thought I would be horrible at blogging. Words still don’t come easily to be but I sure enjoy the challenge πŸ™‚ I am enjoying getting to know you so much!

  14. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    I used to journal as a little girl too. I think blogging has given me the freedom to do that again…but only better. Now I get the feedback and support that I need. So awesome!

  15. Rachel

    It’s interesting that so many people make the connection between journaling and blogging. I think they’re entirely different. I would die of humiliation of someone published my teenage journals online, since they were not written for public consumption. (I mean, who in the world would want to read that this boy is so cute and how my life is ending because a that boy didn’t talk to me at lunch.) But when I blog, I tailor my words to my perceived audience, which is quite diverse. I certainly don’t spill out all my secrets to the www.
    I think we all have stories to tell and blogging has opened up another avenue through which to share them. I’m so glad you’ve chosen to share your stories with us!

  16. Anne Marie

    well……….where do you want me to start?
    talking about ‘myself’ is a bit hard, for I don’t believe my life is all ‘that special’, but rather the opposite….I have been extremely surprised at the devotion, compassion, encouragement of all who take that moment to visit my farm journal!
    isn’t it lovely??
    yours sure is…… inspire ME with your positive outlook and happy spirit….
    I’m not sure exactly where you live, but if you are ever in Northern Illinois, you are MORE than welcome to visit the farm…..

  17. Roban

    Lovely post… and I was immediately drawn in when I saw the typewriter at the top. As a kid, I used to peck out stories on my sister’s old Remington typewriter. I would send them to magazines we had laying around the house…. Glamour, Cosmopolitan (magazines that definitely weren’t soliciting stories from 10-year-olds!)
    I’ve kept journals over the years…. In junior and high school, they contained a lot of poems (mine and others’). But as I’ve gotten older, my entries became fewer and far between. I prefer typing (much faster for me… probably due to that early practice on the Remington)!
    Anyway, I’m glad you chose blogging as your form of journaling! It’s always fun to visit you.

  18. amy

    my life has been blessed, uplifted most greatly in the last 365 days because of the blogworld, too,…because of people just doing or seeing life in extraordinary ways and sharing. nice post, jeanne!

  19. Laurel @ Pandora's Cottage

    Blogging has been like journaling for me too. I’m still new to it and hoping people actually want to read what I have to say but I have been uplifted by other’s blogs. I can only hope to do that for one single person in the world. To do for them what was done for me, possibly without the person even knowing they touched me, or I touched them.

  20. Patricia

    Loved this post! So creatively inspiring. I too had stopped journaling, though I had every intention to fill those empty journals with the beautiful covers…just never got around to it…but my blog has renewed that love of writing and sharing ideas…thanks for the reminder that our creativity needs to be nurtured…if more people were encouraged to tell their stories, just think of the amazing things we would hear about πŸ™‚

  21. tracey

    I have never kept a journal, not even one. Don’t even like the idea. But, somehow keeping a blog is fun, even though, really it is a journal. You definitely have a great ability to write, and I love reading your blog!
    πŸ™‚ T

  22. Janet Doherty

    I had a journal as well and feel just like you…I need to write. There is such a freedom you get when you write and share your life with other people.
    Just to let you know I am one of those people that appreciates your writing…I so much enjoy it and glad to have gotten to know you.
    Keep on keepin on!!!

  23. lissa

    I’m trying to journal but I’m so impatient! my thoughts run faster than my pen so I end up missing words. My typing fingers seem to keep up better with my speedy gonzales brain!
    Hope you’re having a happy summer!! xo

  24. A pocket full of posies...

    What a lovely post…just what I needed to read…at this moment…I have LOTS I will be sharing coming up in the next month or two…just gathering the courage to take that leap of faith…
    Thanks for helping me get one step closer!

  25. koralee

    I am amazed and inspired everytime i log onto my blog….friendships i would of never dreamed of…words that so inspire..images that are magazine worthy..the list goes on and much love out there in blogland…so many amazing people…blessings upon blessings…thank you for being one of those wonderful blog friends that i never ever would of dreamed of having. xoxox

  26. Tracy

    i never was a journal-ist or even one who kept a diary. It wasn’t until I had a blog that my heartstrings have been tugged and God has blessed me with an amazing circle of women who support and encourage in ways I have never known!
    It is such a blessing, and I know that slowly, my story will be told via blogging. I’m new to this whole putting myself ‘out there’ – but i have to say, each time i’ve done it, I have been blessed.
    Can’t wait to share more! Love this post, Jeanne…
    love your posts – all the time!

  27. Elaine Power

    My Blog is my diary now, I know I can trust sharing this one, I was an avid diary keeper untill one day in my twentys a boyfriend found one of my diary’s & read it one evening while I was dancing in a show, I was horrified when I found out, & never trusted to keep one since, I regret it now as I have had some great adventures, which writting it down at the time would have had more detail & great to read back on ,It was just my personel thoughts how I felt about my life, & fun times, I feel I am doing it again now with my blog & can share with every one willingly this time & hopefully inspire people along the way & make it interesting. πŸ™‚

  28. emily ruth

    i was always the worst at journaling…well, best of intentions & very best at picking out super cute journals, worst follow through…years ago brian & i were going through some stuff at the house i grew up in & found a journal from the year i was in 6th grade. there were about 7 entries & 4 of them said ‘wendy & i rode our bikes to ‘hot dog heaven’ for lunch’. a very exciting life, indeed :)…sometimes brian teases me about this when we are trying to decide where to go for lunch πŸ™‚
    ps i love your words & pictures πŸ™‚
    pps blogging has been the very best journaling i have ever done…something about the combination of words pictures & accountability (or guilt πŸ™‚

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