An Artist Studio | With Stephanie Lee

As a creative, one of my favorite things in the world is to step into the creative space of another. I love when an artist shares their space, how they use it, a peek into their favorite tools and even what they are currently working on. I hope you will join me for the brand new An Artist Studio series! Each month a different artist will welcome us into their space!

I hope it will encourage you to cherish your own creating space.  I started on the kitchen table, built our business in an unfinished basement, filmed our first courses in a transformed dinning room, create now in a big space and know that I will find a creative space no matter where we go next. The space you have is perfect if you are showing up and creating in it!

Previous studio tours: Jeanne Oliver

This month we have been welcomed into the studio of Stephanie Lee.










Instagram: @stephanielynnlee

I believe that our creative power enables us to make not just beautiful things, but also a beautiful life. As an artist and creative mentor, I merge mixed media and encaustic medium to create luminous art that invites others to honor the complex stories while also simplifying (and elevating) the continuing stories they tell themselves about themselves. It’s all about inviting a spirit of peace AND exuberant trust, heartache AND hope, defining moments AND recreating yourself anew.

I am the creator of over a dozen popular online art courses and eBooks which provide easy, step-by-step guidance on how to improve your metalsmithing skills in my signature “homesteader” style, how to combine plaster, paint, and encaustic medium in two-dimensional work, and how to create original sculpted forms with plaster and found objects.

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  1. Evelyn Wirsing

    Thank you so much for allowing us to see into Stephanie’s studio, along with her explanations about her choices and how she uses the space. As someone who is thinking about someday having a dedicated workspace for my art, I’m very interested to see how other artists’ studios. I also love Stephanie’s work and her always thoughtful commentary about life. She’s just so real!😊

    1. Jane

      Great video!! Love your creative space! Stephanie you look beautiful in that last pic! Love your natural beauty inside and out! Thanks for Sharing.

  2. Carla Diez

    Great space and love all the detailed ideas! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Joan

    What a wonderful tour. Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your gorgeous work space! I am a long-time student of your classes on Jeanne’s website. Your art and process have greatly inspired and informed me on my own art journey!

  4. Julie Crouch

    Thank you for sharing! Even through video I can tell that the energy of your studio is amazing! It is an extension of you and look forward to seeing all of the beauty that you create!

  5. Brenda

    I love your space! so happy for you!
    Your space is a creation of beauty. Very nice organization.

  6. Diane Kirtley

    Loved your tour. Thank you Stephanie. Such a cool space to work. I found myself agreeing when you said. it’s just 3 miles from home and yet you needed to get up in the morning and go to where you are creative. No laundry going or gardening etc. I find myself constantly pulled from my space, which I love to do other things. Never settling in to enjoy my studio at home. You are very creative and so talented.

  7. Vanessa Prohaska

    Really nice studio and I love the practical use of space, and so thoughtful of you with plenty of seats available for your family!
    I had an art room in my new house for 2 yrs, and I just couldn’t create in it. It was too dark and nothing I tried worked. This week while dealing with a bad bronchitis, I’m slowly moving it to a smaller room with plenty of natural light. I think being able to see your materials is awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Lynnette Horn

    Thanks for the tour and congratulations on your new studio space. I’ve been there. Now I’m closing my studio and moving it to my home for health reasons. I wish you much success in your new place.

  9. Lisa Palmer

    What a wonderfully warm, personal creating space! I love how you just have the things that are important to you, and nothing extra. The floor is PERFECTION!!! Your story and intentions here are so inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Lisa Moreland

    Studio envy!! This is so very wonderfully inviting: layout, aesthetic [vintage shelves & couch✨], storage, work stations… I enjoyed the story of your space and wish you every success for your creative dreams come true.🙋‍♀️

  11. Kim

    Congratulations Stephanie,
    Your Studio looks Great! I’d love to come to visit you and take a Workshop. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Nelda Ream-Jinkerson

    Thank you, Stephanie, for inviting us into your space! It is very inspiring. It just calls “Come, make art!”

  13. Darlene

    Thank you so much for opening your studio to us Stephanie. You gave me so many inspirational ideas for my own studio. You are one of my favorite artists. What is that printed quote on your wall – I was attempting to read it.

  14. Susan S

    Awesome studio! I love that you have “pretty spaces” and also utilitarian, “get to work” type areas as well…..Congrats on a beautiful, functional space! I look forward to seeing all the wonderful pieces/projects that will be born and gifted to the world!

  15. Linda Sagastume

    Your studio looks great! Functional in many ways, with personal touches, special objects, art, both personal and from friends….your plants give it a special life too. Lovely! And I especially like all your extra mix and match chairs for when your family comes to visit. Makes me want to take a class with you sometime.

  16. Janice R

    Thanks, Stephanie. I’m glad I’ve got your classes for life time access, so I can revisit as I need them. 😘❤️

  17. Annette

    Hi Jeanne and Stephanie
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
    Thank you for sharing your space Stephanie and thank you for bringing this idea to fruition Jeanne.
    What an inspiration to see and hear other artists studios and how they use it.
    I loved seeing your studio Jeanne and would love to see others.
    My dream is to have a dedicated studio but for now I have my little nook in a passage way – inspired by Fibre Arts Australia Studio Space Spaces.
    Thanks for sharing the love.

  18. Lee

    Thank you so much Stephanie for sharing your new space with us! I love it! Gave me inspiration of ways I might be able to rearrange my home space…one of biggest challenges is I have Too many supplies-so I think I need to create more working spaces-the other issue…a cat🙄

  19. Dottee Odom

    I follow Stephanie on IG and her creativity never ceases to inspire, motivate and soothe me!! Her gardening skills are off the charts…she has a garden of Eden going on at her home and if you ever watch one of her home canning videos you will be blown away!
    One of the things I loved best about her studio was the “lets get working” vibe. Everything is sorted and organized so she can get right to work on a project. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her sewing machine and serger all set up and ready to go if she wants some stitching time! I love the art work and treasures she has tastefully adorning walls and shelves.
    Congrats on establishing your own artsy haven, its beautiful!!

  20. Becki

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful, creative space. I love your work and ideas!

  21. Jackie

    What a great space Stephanie! Your separate stations look awesome! And I love the idea of a clean space/room.
    Looking forward to your plans for combining your painting and sewing! Thanks for sharing with us.
    p.s. You floored me when you said you have grands! No way! Are you old enough? lol

  22. Glenda

    Wonderful space! I love all the old bits as they tell such tales of the past. The floor is amazing!
    Wishing you all the best!

  23. Vicki Szamborski

    Stephanie, I am so happy (for you) that you have taken this step on your creative journey. You share so much of yourself with other creatives and it’s nice to hear the joy in your voice as you show us around your new space. May your muse be ever present. Oh! And I bet my ironing board is older than yours. (;

  24. Marcia Wilson Holliway

    Great space. Thanks for sharing. Isn’t it amazing how coming into a space can help to make that switch. I know it happens for me too, although my trek is a few seconds walk. 🙂 Blessings for your new space.

  25. jan

    it’s really cozy and lovely and so welcoming!! and you have made such fabulous vignettes, utilizing every square inch! love love love

  26. Joanne Gallant-Chilton

    Really enjoyed the tour of your studio, and seeing how organized you are with art materials. Your little touches of inspiration make the creative space so inviting and calming. Your little fur baby is so sweet.

  27. Mooneen Mourad

    Stephanie thank you and blessings on this space and your family

    I’ve followed you a bit on Jeanne’s site so I miss your “house” also. Glad for you
    I have no formal studio but create anyway!!!

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