Art Studio Makeover

It has been awhile since I have given you all a studio tour and with the new floors and all I thought it was about time!

I am finding it hard to believe that it has been two years since I have given you a full tour but it looks to be true.

You can see what my studio looked like two years ago HERE and a more recent view in a house tour HERE.

I have been wanting wood floors in my studio but we were waiting  to refinish the preexisting floors and at the same time add wood in the living room (those photos will be coming soon).

I am so excited to show you my new work space that has been cleaned out of everything I don’t really need, cherry floors and lots of new art work on the walls.

Be prepared for photopalooza…

{first layers of a new painting}


Curtains are from Potterybarn

Easel is from Hobby Lobby

Desk is from Restoration Hardware

Rolling cars are from IKEA

Vintage cabinet piece is from Old Glory Antiques

The wall paint color is a custom mix but the photo below shows the recipe.

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  1. Renee

    Oh my goodness your studio is absolute perfection! So beautiful just like you!

    1. Adela

      Beautiful! Just love it. My studio is next to our kitchen. Would love to redo our wood floors and skylights as the skylights have a very 80’s frosting texture. In any case, you are my new inspiration! 😊

  2. Lisa W.

    OH MY…this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL…like awesome, yummy all rolled into one!!!! I want to RUN over and play. I am not a artist BUT I love to scrap. And this is ONE inviting room to play. I love your little carts, I have one in turquoise from Ikea LOVE them!!! And I was going to ask you where those curtains are from. AND I should of known. Pottery Barn is my all time favorite decorating store. (They know me by name!:) Wondering…do you know the name of them, I’ve got the perfect room for them:) Thank you in advance, and THANK you for sharing your space!!! Just beautiful!!!

  3. Peggy

    OH Jeanne, its beautiful! The apron over the chair… do you use it when you create? Love all the splashes of color on it. Thank you for sharing the paint color!! I think we have a winner here as our youngest thinks it might be just the color for his room!! (you have no idea how long i have been trying to convince him that a different color might be in order… think parrot green, dark chocolate brown, cream, and a lighter brown.)

  4. Jeanette @ Creating a Life

    Wow, Jeanne! What a blessing to be able to have such a beautiful space to dream and create in. I went to the posts you referenced to see where it began, and was really touched by the way your husband knew you needed this. So sweet! Your studio space is really magical! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


  5. Karen

    Such a gorgeous atmosphere to create art in. I’ve been eyeing those Ikea rolling carts for my studio for quite a while..Thanks for sharing! Love!

  6. nelson37

    I absolutely love this room!!! How lucky you are to be able to work in such a glorious place.

  7. Suzen

    The is a spectacular place to “work!” Outside of everything about it, what I particularly love is that it is in the hub of your home and that originally your pretty incredible husband urged you to put it there instead of the dining room. Thanks so much for the photos. And the floor is really beautiful, too!

  8. Amy D

    Gorgeous room! So inspiring! That big cabinet is TDF. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lisa Kamin

    Wonderful space – your beautiful soul, filled with (com)passion and creativity, really comes through. You’ve also given me great inspiration for a few decorating ideas in my own home. I have a large old schoolroom chalkboard too, that I love, and it is just languishing in the basement (used in my former antique booth space). I see you have taken the legs off and hung it in the butlers pantry – Tada! mine will be going on the foyer wall.
    Also, I recently took over space in my home for my photography studio – so inspiring to do. I’m also taking your CMB 2.0 class, so I’m in high-creativity mode that is spilling into all areas of my life! While at first, I almost took over the dining room too, I ended up rotating uses of several other rooms – which became like a rubic’s cube puzzle. First I moved the den to the dining room space (so much cozier now! and we actually use the room), Husband’s office from upstairs into the den and then my studio into the bedroom/office upstairs – with the best light in the house. I’m so much happier than in the dark, dank basement.

  10. Jennifer W - Impromptu Millinery

    Whoa, Jeanne! Fantastic! What an inspiring place to be creative – you are already working on a new painting. It’s really a beautiful space. I looks like you create in the middle of your home and family life (I can see the kitchen) and I love that you have a comfy chair and light by which read and think. I’m impressed by the neatness of how you organized the paint supplies. Very nice.

  11. Cynthia

    Love, love, love the new look! And I’d still really like to peek inside the drawers of that fabulous cabinet!!

  12. Teresa Swanson

    Absolutely divine! I love the gray walls, and the wood floors…easier to clean than carpeting. And the two beautiful filing type cabinets for storing your art supplies and goodies in. Perfection! Swoon! Lovely, all of it! Lots of nooks and crannies to show off your art work on the walls. And the three-tiered (Lazy Susan?) for your art brushes, etc. Very easy to reach and find just what you want! Thank you for sharing your art work space where dreams are made! ; )
    hugs, and thanks for all of your inspirational workshops on your ning site. I am learning so much from You and others too!

  13. Jenn K.

    Love it all! Thank you for posting where you picked up some of your pieces. That easel is absolutely wonderful!

  14. Kolein

    OK, can someone please invent a word that means more than LOVE? It seems I use the word often here!!

    You inspire me SO friggin’ much! 🙂

    I LOVE you and your artistry!!!!

    Is the paint textured with sand? LOVE the color! And I’m SO getting a twirly chair!!!!!!!


  15. Jo

    I don’t usually like grey but the shade you chose has a very serene and warm ambiance. Love the easel!

  16. Jeana Ball

    I am in the process of putting a studio together and am looking to your beautiful space for inspiration. The entire look is just a feast for the eye. I particularly love the angel wing over the door and the eclectic mix of, well, just everything! Thank you for sharing your space.

  17. Pattii8683

    Jeanne what a wonderful place to create in…. I have son’s old bedroom with his teenage whim that he needed black woodwork!!! Gotta love them…. My studio is bright just not very big… But it’s mine…
    Enjoy, I’ve enjoyed touring your studio pattii

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