I meant to get this post up sooner and I’m sorry that it took me a few extra days.

Today I wanted to follow-up with Daily Makeup after I shared my morning skincare routine.

I don’t really wear a lot of makeup and anytime we are home I don’t wear any.

If I have to quickly run out of the house I will touch up with my blemish stick and mascara and call it good.

I don’t know if everyone I am coming in contact with would call it good…but it works for me.

The funny thing is that high school I would wake up so early to meticulously apply my makeup.

I wouldn’t go anywhere without the whole thing done.

So glad I moved past that stage.

I think what really helped me to hear the boys I dated tell me again and again that they thought I was the prettiest without makeup.

I think girls/women have a misconception somethings what makes a woman beautiful.

I think they are really saying that they just want to be able to kiss on you without getting tons of crap all over them:-)

Here is the makeup I wear when I wear it…

Before I put on any makeup I have followed my Morning Skincare Routine.

1. Covergirl Blemish Stick. I don’t know why I still use a teenage girl blemish stick. I just like how it covers and it isn’t oily.

2. Invest in good makeup brushes. I have a large makeup brush I use for powders, this brush for blush and brushes for eyeshadow. It makes a difference in getting a natural look.

3. I am not even kidding. I use Maybelline pressed powder. You guys are never going to listen to me about anything else again.  I am heading to the makeup counter of Nordstrom RIGHT. NOW. I used Ivory. Head down in shame.

4. Tarte Bronzing Powder.  Love this product for just a little color.

5. Naked Flushed Blush

6. Once I have the powders on and blush I always spritz my face with water, rose water or a toning refresher. It sets the powder and makes it look more natural.

7. Naked 2 or Naked Basics. I keep meaning to order Naked 3

8. My always on hand Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia Tinted Lip Balm

9. If I wear lipstick I only use Tarte in Exposed

10. I wear eyeliner on my top lids (when I wear it) and I use Tarte Charcoal. It is soft and smudges nicely for a look I love.

11. When I have a special night I out I will use Bobbi Brown compressed eyeshadow in charcoal (make sure you have the brush).

12. I only like a few mascaras. I really like L’Oreal Voluminous  and Smashbox Full Exposure (I discovered this one when I forgot all my makeup for a trip)

That is it for the makeup. I am a creature of habit and I like what I like. If/when I discover something new that I LOVE I will make sure I share it with you.

Tomorrow I will share my nightly skincare routine.

Have a great night!