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I meant to get this post up sooner and I’m sorry that it took me a few extra days.

Today I wanted to follow-up with Daily Makeup after I shared my morning skincare routine.

I don’t really wear a lot of makeup and anytime we are home I don’t wear any.

If I have to quickly run out of the house I will touch up with my blemish stick and mascara and call it good.

I don’t know if everyone I am coming in contact with would call it good…but it works for me.

The funny thing is that high school I would wake up so early to meticulously apply my makeup.

I wouldn’t go anywhere without the whole thing done.

So glad I moved past that stage.

I think what really helped me to hear the boys I dated tell me again and again that they thought I was the prettiest without makeup.

I think girls/women have a misconception somethings what makes a woman beautiful.

I think they are really saying that they just want to be able to kiss on you without getting tons of crap all over them:-)

Here is the makeup I wear when I wear it…

Before I put on any makeup I have followed my Morning Skincare Routine.

1. Covergirl Blemish Stick. I don’t know why I still use a teenage girl blemish stick. I just like how it covers and it isn’t oily.

2. Invest in good makeup brushes. I have a large makeup brush I use for powders, this brush for blush and brushes for eyeshadow. It makes a difference in getting a natural look.

3. I am not even kidding. I use Maybelline pressed powder. You guys are never going to listen to me about anything else again.  I am heading to the makeup counter of Nordstrom RIGHT. NOW. I used Ivory. Head down in shame.

4. Tarte Bronzing Powder.  Love this product for just a little color.

5. Naked Flushed Blush

6. Once I have the powders on and blush I always spritz my face with water, rose water or a toning refresher. It sets the powder and makes it look more natural.

7. Naked 2 or Naked Basics. I keep meaning to order Naked 3

8. My always on hand Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia Tinted Lip Balm

9. If I wear lipstick I only use Tarte in Exposed

10. I wear eyeliner on my top lids (when I wear it) and I use Tarte Charcoal. It is soft and smudges nicely for a look I love.

11. When I have a special night I out I will use Bobbi Brown compressed eyeshadow in charcoal (make sure you have the brush).

12. I only like a few mascaras. I really like L’Oreal Voluminous  and Smashbox Full Exposure (I discovered this one when I forgot all my makeup for a trip)

That is it for the makeup. I am a creature of habit and I like what I like. If/when I discover something new that I LOVE I will make sure I share it with you.

Tomorrow I will share my nightly skincare routine.

Have a great night!

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  1. Donna

    What kind of make up brushes do you use? I have the Naked 3 and the Tarte Exposed blush. Love it. I like Voluminous but will try a couple of others. I think we are all pretty much creatures of habit when it comes to make up and hair products. Once we find something we like or that works good we stick to it. You always look great . I doubt you need any of this.

  2. Ashley P

    i used to have to get a sh** ton of make up on my face in High School too!! but now my routine takes maybe 5 minutes and I love it so much more!!

    you can find me blogging “Life on the Parsons Farm” :
    or on IG @lifeonthefarm

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