The Beauty Files {Morning Skincare Routine}

I love learning about new products from other friends.

Nothing is better than hearing what people REALLY use and like.

Each year I do a beauty post with my favorite skincare and makeup products.

You can see my last makeup post HERE and HERE.

This will be a three part series where I will share my morning routine, makeup and nightly routine.

I would love your feedback and for you to share your favorite products too.

I know there are so many great skincare products but I use Aveda because I also get facials using their products every six weeks.

I really can see the difference in my skin when I take the time to get the facials and I also do their plant peels.

1. Aveda Brightening Cleanser. I have been using this cleanser for over a year to help with sunspots. Sun. Spots.

2. Murad Serum

3. Aveda Brightening Correcting Serum. Crap…there is a really big theme going on here.

4. Aveda Brightening Correction Lotion.

5. If I have a blemish (not that I ever have one) I use a little Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick under my makeup.

6. I love this stuff!  Serious!  Smashbox is awesome with the Photo Finish Primer. The green evens out any reds in your skin.

7. BB Cream. LOVE this stuff!  I have been using it for over a year and swear by it.

8. Smashbox foundation.  I found this on accident when I forgot ALL of my skincare and makeup on a trip.  Who does that?  Left the whole bag in my bathroom and had to buy new at the airport. Luckily, there was an amazing makeup store in the airport and I was so lucky to drop a ton of money on products I already had.

I know this may seem like a lot but I barely use much of each and I put it all on in a minute or two.

Come back tomorrow for my daily makeup routine.

See you then!


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  1. Shannon

    I use the BB Cream too and love it! I think I’m gonna try out the photo finish primer, my skin tends to be red so it will be perfect. Thanks for all the fun tips can’t wait for more 🙂

  2. Jill

    Have you tried Smashbox CC Cream? LOVE IT!!!

    PS – love these posts….always helps to hear what others like.

  3. Lisa W.

    I must try some of those products. I use NONE of them. But I have to say I use allot of Mary Kay. Most of their products are ok, but the moisturizing gel IS AWESOME. Pure heaven for your face. I have a feddish with moisturizer than always feels SO greasy. Even in the winter when I am more dry on my face. Just cannot stand the greasy feel. WELL this Mary Kay is just plain YUM. When I have my friend order it for me I just say the purply yummy stuff AND she knows what i’m talking about:) Thanks for sharing, looking forward to tommorow’s post.

  4. Robyn

    Wow ,,,,, that’s amazing …. I wash my face and stick a bit of moisturiser on it and my skin is pretty good for a 64 year old Aussie.

  5. Rose D. Frenchtown, NJ

    Thanks for sharing. I’m always looking for something for sun spots since I spend our summer days outside with the littles!! And I have a nasty habit of slathering the littles with sunscreen and than I go without! Not smart, I know.

  6. Peggy

    Oh I definitely NEEDED this post! At 48 (well almost 49) I have never used any product on my face because well, I didn’t wear make-up, like at ALL. Which is crazy as my mother was a cosmetologist but she never wore make-up either… her skin was always lovely. Her go to was Vaseline intensive care lotion with extra vaseline blended in… she had super dry skin and this worked beautifully for her mediterranean complexion. The older I get the drier my skin becomes and the reddish tones of my Gaelic-Italian ancestry have begun to “shine” through. How do these products work on sensitive skin? Where do you have your Aveda facials done? Once again thank you so very much for sharing!!

  7. Cathy G.

    ok.. I am going to check out the aveda skin care stuff….I’ve tried some of their hair products but not skin…….and since it’s sooooo dry here in Colorado I’m hoping to find something to moisturize my thirsty face…… I’ve tried cheap stuff and pricey stuff…… still haven’t found a gem yet 🙁 thanks for all this info!!!!

  8. Linda

    My skin has ben extra dry this winter. I started using Mary Kay recently Time Wise Age-Fighting Moisturizer and love it. My face is already feeling better. That’s not been true of other products.

    1. jeanne Author

      I have been using Aveda since that was recommended by my aesthetician. I have loved it. I don’t have sensitive skin so I could use soap and be fine:-)

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