Today I am sharing my Beauty Favorites of 2012.

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When I was growing up I loved nothing more then my Kit n Kaboodle.

Seriously…that thing rocked!

I would buy the 2,054 eyeshadow collection from the drug store.

I think there may have been some days when I used all the colors at once.

Don’t judge.

Those were some crazy years in the 80s!

I know I could easily find a photo for you and show you but I don’t think we are close enough…yet.

Whenever I question one of my husband’s outfits I like to throw out that  I was voted best dressed of my senior class:-)

He looks at me with a face that says, “Serious?  You are really bringing that up again? You have been in your pajamas the past three days.”

Back to my Beauty Favorites of 2012.

1. My friend Alexis kept telling me how much I would love a Clarisonic and I am sooo glad I asked for one for Christmas.  I know that barely makes it into the year 2012 but …whatever.

2. I get more emails asking about my glasses.  They are Tom Ford FT5184. I love them and so glad I went with a fun new shape.

3. We had to recently get a new blender.  I really wanted a Vitamix but just couldn’t spend the money right now.  I tried the THIS and really like it.  It will hold me over until I can sell a car to get a Vitamix:-)  I know it is weird to put it in beauty but I believe that what you put into your body will make your body and skin look better.  Nothing makes me feel better then when I do this part right.

4. I met my friends Kimberly and Lissa in San Fran this past spring.  The first day we were walking around I was pathetic smelling Lissa and then became obsessed about smelling just like her. It was actually probably creepy. Thankfully she was kind enough to indulge me and tell all her good smelling secrets.  I quickly bought Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia perfume.  I blend it with #14 below:-)

5. My favorite makeup find this year was the brand Tarte.  I love everything I have bought.  This is my favorite lipstick and I buy it in Exposed.

6. I truly believe in helping your body to heal and stay healthy naturally. I am grateful for modern medicine but I always start here first.

7. I have noticed my hair getting drier lately (I know it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that I am 40 and I live in Colorado).  My hairdresser suggested these and they have made all the difference! Amazing.

8. The best lifestyle/beauty/health book I read all year.

9. I found these fun masks while I was in San Diego.

10. I love the store Lush and these the best moisturizing bars I have ever tried!!!!

11. I use THIS before I apply my foundation. It really evens out my skin tone.

12. I love that my hair is naturally curly and when I use THIS it really makes my curls pretty and full. I love all hair products from this company.

13. This is still my favorite chap stick.  I give it as gifts.  Maybe I need to up my gifts a little bit.

14. The lotion to wear with my Jo Malone perfume. I have grapefruit.

15. I also love the bath bombs from Lush. All of my kids love them too. They are a bit pricey so we don’t get them often but it makes bath time fun. We only buy the dye free bombs.

16. One of my most favorite, favorite, favorite treats to get is an Aveda facial.  I am dreaming about one right now. I hope they rub my head.

17. Not that I ever get pimples or anything:-) but if I ever did I would use THIS.  Seriously, this stuff is a miracle working lotion.

18. Back to my love of Tarte. This is my favorite eyeliner and the only one I use.  I love the charcoal color.

There you have it!

I will be back tomorrow with my homeschooling favorites.