Draw and See with Rebecca Sower

Begins on Monday | Draw and See with Rebecca Sower

Draw and See with Rebecca Sower begins tomorrow!

I can not remember a time during this creative journey that I haven’t admired and deeply respected the work and heart of Rebecca Sower. She is a prolific artist with a wide range of techniques and skills that she is dipping her hands in and the results are always beautiful. I had always hoped that Rebecca and I would have the opportunity to collaborate so it is with great joy I get to announce that Rebecca will be teaching on our creative network!

Join me in welcoming Rebecca Sower to our creative community! Rebecca’s course, Draw and See, begins Monday! Experience the course live with Rebecca.

Draw and See with Rebecca Sower is $48 and Four+ hours of course content, lifetime*

Draw and See with Rebecca Sower

From Rebecca Sower…

Learning to draw is really a matter of learning to see with an artist’s eyes. Anyone can develop the basic skills of drawing. Anyone!

Draw and See is a course that’s for all levels of artists. In a friendly, non-technical way, I will lead you through several approaches to drawing. From edges and spaces to interesting line to creating movement, you’ll find yourself enjoying the process.

Creating the drawing is just the beginning. For each of six different drawing approaches, I will guide you through going further and finishing out the art piece incorporating mixed media paints, mediums, and techniques. You will end up with six art pieces of your very own that are ready to hang individually or as a group on the walls of your home.

*ELEVATE your creative endeavors by learning a few drawing skills
*DESIGN & DISPLAY your own art on your own walls
*GLIMPSE the potential in you to become a skilled sketch artist
*OBSERVE how drawing can help you see in new ways
*Be SURPRISED by how do-able and delightful drawing can be
*ACCELERATE your art significantly with daily drawing practice

Draw and See Collage with Rebecca Sower

Come and Watch The Course Trailer

To read more or to register for this course please click HERE.
If you have any questions about the course please contact here at https://jeanneoliver.com/contact
See you in class!

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1. Come and read all about the new course HERE.
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5. If you have any questions about the course please contact here at https://jeanneoliver.com/contact

*As long as we manage the creative network

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