We are crazy busy over here with the launch of the new e-course and getting ready to launch the new collection on Monday!

And when I said “petite” collection I wasn’t talking about petite people.  I meant smaller.

Like in special and limited:-)

I have been getting many emails very worried about the clothing size:-)

I am going into rooms and forgetting why I even went in there.

I am sitting down at the computer with no idea whatsoever why I sat down.

I may or may not have showered today.

I have been having so much fun doing photo shoots and editing and just plain excited to show you the new things.

We have also been getting new books and curriculum for school and I have been reading this book because the kids will read it this year or I may read it aloud to them at night.

I really liked and agreed with this post by Edie at Life in Grace.

I don’t care if you read the book she is talking about.

I just think we should be choosy what we read, what movies we watch….because we only have so much extra time and there are SOOOO many goods choices.

I am that mom that wants my children to read good books before they see the movie.

Are you?

Jack is currently reading this because he wants to see the movie.

I had the most beautiful curls EVER yesterday because I used this for the first time.

It made my hair so soft and the curls were beachy and pretty all day.

Are you even still with me?

Yesterday I sat down with Maddy and we went through this catalog and dogeared almost every page.

I love these clothes and lucky for me so does Maddy.

We wish we could order everything but at least a few dresses will be ordered.

I am getting sooooo giddy to go to Paris with Kelly in September and then spend another week here with Tracey.

I promise to bring back boxes and boxes of treasures for the shop.

Jack got his first phone this week and I think he is the oldest of his friends.

It is so cute to see how big it made him feel.

He also has to bet braces tomorrow and that brought some tears on his part and I wanted to cry when I saw the bill:-)

If you love to create art and want to live using your gifts each day you might want to sign up for this.

This is the last week to sign up and it will not be offered again this year.

I also want to remind you that there is still time to help Barb here.

She still has a long way to go to finish the wall.

If you have given or shared about the wall please let me knowhere.

We are giving away $500 of product from our shop (items that were put aside just for you because they are all sold out) to thank you guys for sharing.

One person will be chosen next week.

Are you guys loving Instagram as much as I am?

I love checking in with all my friends all day and seeing the beautiful images from their lives.

You can find me by searching for Jeanneoliver.

Also remember that we are offering an early registration price for Creatively Made Home 🙂  This course is going to blow you away.

OK, I think that is it because I need to pack up for my last photo shoot.

I will see you on Monday with the new collection!


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