Free-Art-Video-TEXT-MARKS It is now the countdown to the weekend and for many of us, that means diving deeper into our creativity. We have just added another free video to our creative network and this one is about text marks as an extension of our personalities & styles within our art work. Experiment with different types of texts & scribbles and note how they reflect you. Working with a combination of ways to get text down on to your substrate. There is something really compelling about beginning with a layer of text. Allow text marks to build into the narrative that your artwork is trying to tell..

Come on over and enjoy the free art video Text Marks.

With very few supplies you can practice, learn, make time for yourself and just have some fun! This video is free but you still need to be logged into your account on to access the video. If you have any questions please contact us!

See you in class and have an incredible weekend!