Free Art Video: Text Marks

In by Noelle Mena (Team JO)

Free Art Video: Text Marks

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Teacher: Rae Missigman

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Course Description

This is free video with Rae Missigman from her course Scribblepedia | Text Marks In Art.

Text marks are an extension of our personalities & styles within our art work. Experiment with different types of texts & scribbles and note how they reflect you. Working with a combination of ways to get text down on to your substrate. There is something really compelling about beginning with a layer of text. Allow text marks to build into the narrative that your artwork is trying to tell.  

This free video gives you a taste of the course and we hope you will join us for the full class.

Scribblepedia | Text Marks In Art has over 4+ hours of content and all of the content is available INSTANTLY upon payment.
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