Creating a Cozy Home {Part II}

Obviously I like writing about this because I am back for more:-)

My last post was supposed to be longer but I needed to make dinner for my family.

I thought it would be weird to tell them to go make themselves a sandwich while I write about creating a cozy home.

So….here is the second part of “Creating a Cozy Home”.

Really it is just some of my favorite things that make me feel good about our home and make our home feel cozy.

{my chicken chili with warm, crusty bread dripping with butter, making art just for me (all by myself), the yummy smell of food cooking on the stove, things around me that have meaning, fresh flowers throughout the home, spending time with the Lord early in the morning, making popcorn and cuddling up with Kelly and the kids}

What about you?

What makes your home cozy and inviting?


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  1. mgriffin

    I have made some of your cozy favorites some of my own because the ideas are so full of joy and warmth! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Karen Otterbacher

    Every evening my husband goes into our bedroom, turns down the bed and turns on the (soft 40w) side lamp. This is sooo cozy to me~

      1. Karen Otterbacher

        Yes he is! He knows I like to read in bed before going to sleep. It’s all ready when I get there~

  3. Stacey

    I sure enjoyed your video about the things you love in your home and what makes it cozy. Made me stop and really think about some things that I might be taking for granted. 🙂 The series is wonderful!

  4. Andrea

    yum, now I’m looking for your chicken chili recipe. Do you have it on your blog? ps I am loving going through the course and videos. We have made the cleaner, the sugar scrub, and I am about to work on a lampshade. So much fun!
    ps our families favorite cozy thing to do? Definately snuggling under handmade quilts on family movie night, with a big ole bowl of popcorn. Second place would be family puzzle night with fun music playing in the background.

  5. amy

    fun hearing your favorites, too. give me some of that crusty bread with dipping butter! i guess breakfast is calling!=)

  6. Katy Noelle

    I love hearing about more coziness!!! =D I found you because of the course. I, actually, won my spot through the giveaway at ‘My French Country Home’ and that is how I discovered your blog and I am so glad that I did!!!!!! God just knew…. the timing was perfect and your words, both here and in the course, have been so amazingly encouraging. You’ll just never know…. =]

    Soooo…So much good food for thought and right in line with where all the thoughts were going anyway. 😉 Thanks so much Jeanne for taking the time to share it all!!!


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