Are you building a business that is aligned with how you want your life to look and feel? ⁣

Knowing this answer changes everything. ⁣

Building a business that isn’t aligned with your life takes as much time, energy and resources as building one that is. ⁣

You’re not just building a business, you’re building a life.⁣


Building our business completely changed our family and life. We’ve done it and so can you.⁣

Registration is now open for our newest tool to help you build an intentional life and business.


During this 6 month online workshop you will:⁣

*create community⁣

*clarify your vision for your life and business⁣

* and develop a plan so what you are creating to create a business that thrives and aligns with the life you’ve always wanted.⁣



Each month you will receive:⁣

video training with instantly usable tools⁣

powerful podcasts that inspire⁣

worksheets to keep you on track and clarify where you are and where you want to go⁣

printables for daily encouragement⁣

an online book club with recommendations that compliment the module. ⁣

and monthly live chat sessions where you can ask me questions ⁣




So, if you are looking for direction with your next idea,

a kick in the pants to start or to have fresh inspiration breathed into your current business,

join me for a workshop that is all about connecting with your gifts, building your brand, launching it out into the world and nurturing what you’ve created.⁣


Early registration pricing just opened and we are even offering no penalty 🙌 payment plans! Whoop whoop!