Don’t Be Afraid To Let People Around You Go Past The Dreaming

Somehow around 8 years ago my love of paper, creating and paints had turned into me listing a few things to sell on Etsy.

Just to make things more interesting I asked my mom to work with me to sew children’s clothing that I was designing.

Everything was so small but so fun.

I remember that Kelly and I set up a space for me in our unfinished basement where I would work once the children went to sleep.

There were more nights than I can count that I would thank the Lord for allowing me to create and make money doing something creative.

With tears flowing down my cheeks I felt so content and happy for this new opportunity.

Around this time I was sitting in a PE class for homeschool kids with a 6 year old boy, 4 year old girl and a 6 month old.

One of the mom’s after hearing about my new Etsy shop turned to me and said, “Well, I guess you will be quitting homeschooling now”!  It wasn’t a question…it was a fact.  I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know why she was saying this and almost giggled when I answered her back that of course I wasn’t going to quit homeschooling the kids.  She responded with, “Well, I don’t know how you do it”.  That was the first of many times I would hear those words. Not in a kind and truly curious way but condescending and hurtful. Almost like there was something wrong with me.

Everything has happened very organically for me.  We didn’t just wake up one day and have the business we have today.  But let me tell you something…

The world applauds dreamers.

Dream Big.

Reach for your dreams.

Dream Bigger.

Be prepared for the reactions when you actually go beyond the dreaming and you start the doing and the follow through.

The dreaming stage is fine to get you ready but if you have dreams don’t stay there.

The dreaming stage is safe and easy and maybe even fun.

It might even make you feel like you are doing more than you are (almost like buying art supplies but not creating) but don’t stop there.

Erwin McManus says in his book The Artisan Soul, “The bigger the dream, the greater the risk”.

This is so true and my biggest leaps creatively and in life have been through risk, failure and sometimes even success.

There is something that happens when your dreaming becomes doing and those around you may get a little uncomfortable.

This isn’t about you (not usually).

This is something in them saying, “Why am I not doing something with MY own dreams”?

If you are hurt right now because of something that is being said over you I want you to know that most of the negative things ever said over me were out of others fear and not my own.

It took me a long time (some things since childhood) to realize that it was the person’s inability to appreciate gifts in others that are different from their own and even their own inability to dream and do BIG.

I have also learned that when I have a reaction to someone else’s dreaming and actually doing that is really different than my own that I don’t ever want to be that negative voice that has come my way.  I catch myself often. As I have gotten older I choose the person and to support the dream…even if I don’t understand.  I want to allow others to be courageously foolish and to not be the voice of reason.

Choose to support people over being right or defending your own insecurities or struggles.

We are all different. Our gifts are different. Our insecurities and weaknesses are different.

We are all equal.

Our dreams all have the same value.

McManus gives a beautiful visual of our creativity and what is waiting for us.  He says that our story begins when..”God exhales and we inhale”.

We all have that. What are you going to do with it? How are you going to support others with it?

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  1. robinlaws

    Jeanne this is so beautiful! I need to hear these things and to take them to heart. i am often very uncomfortable with “living my dream” because I fear the response of others. I fear being disliked or even rejected for my succsess. That may not even be what is happening but my fear distorts my perspective on other people’s intentions. I’ve been trying mightily to “accept my gifts” this past year as taught by you in one of my first classes here with you. Thank you Jeanne. You are a light. ??

  2. Tamara

    what a beautiful and encouraging post! Full of so many truths and challenges too. I’m so happy for you that you followed your dreams! And you were able to stay true to other things that God put into your heart as well. I’m a home-schooling Mother myself.. Thank you so much.. Blessings to you.
    Tamara <3

  3. Virginia

    Thankful for your post. The Artisan Soul has spurred me in the past 6 months (and then YOU were reading it!). So good, isn’t it? And your encouraging words are Rx for the soul. Blessings…

  4. Valerie Sisco at Grace with Silk

    I just love this post — both the images and beautiful words! Your words about dreaming and doing are so encouraging. I’m stepping out to travel to Italy this summer on the faith & art retreat and although I’m not an artist with paint or sketchpad, I can’t wait to see what I’ll create! So excited to meet you! – Valerie

  5. Missy

    Love this – your inspiration is always filled with God’s purpose and promises – never empty and cliche-ish. Thank you for sharing the gifts He has given you, and encouraging us to do the same 🙂

  6. Julia M. in MI

    Thank you for sharing this! The verses you shared and your story have inspired me today.

  7. Rita H.

    I think this post was meant for me…I must read it again and then get up and do something! My dreams are worth the risk!!!

  8. Sarah Miller

    A great post. I loved the part about buying art supplies and not using them. Dreaming is sometimes too scary to proceed. The only way I can proceed with anything is with the Lord’s help. Thanks for sharing.

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