Dream Maker {Everyone Should Have One}

I always had the mom that told me I was special and talented and could do anything.

You know…the mom that tells you amazing things about yourself and you roll your eyes.

You think your mom tells you nice things about yourself only because she is your mom.

That is part of it.

The other part is that she can see past what you see.

She can see the good and the bad and the potential.

She can see what your gifts could look like once you grow your character and see past yourself.

Moms don’t look at you through rose colored glasses…they look at you through the eyes of love and hope.

So, here I was a girl that had grown up with a mom that spoke life over me.


As a young adult she spoke hope over me.

As a woman she believed in me and continued to pray for my future.

When you have someone speak life over you…you think differently about yourself.

You look for different in others.

You believe and search out what is best for you.

That is how I found my Kelly.

I first noticed him because he was handsome.

I later loved him because he was good.

So, so good.

When we had first started dating I remember sitting in a restaurant with Kelly and it felt like he was planning out the rest of my life for me.

In reality it was only the weekend but I felt myself panicking:-)

I was 26 years old and had really tried to protect myself and heart very well by then.

Sometimes you have a huge list of all the things that won’t happen to you and it can take you awhile to realize that you won’t have good things if you are always protecting yourself from the potential harm.

I had rules in my head about how, what, when….it kept me safe.

At least I told myself that.

I had all these things I didn’t want to become.

I had watched what “becoming” can look like and it scared me.

Marriage scared me.

Even though I wanted it and hoped for it…I didn’t at the same time.

So, here I was with this new boy that I had only been dating less than a month and he was planning out what we were going to do one day after the next.

I panicked.

I felt myself instantly wanting to push him away and then a very strong voice spoke in my spirit.


Just tell him.

This is good. It can be good.

Just tell him.

So, I did.

I asked this boy to slow down. I told him how much I liked him and wanted to really see where this could go but I needed him to slow down.

And he did.

He listened.

We were engaged four months later and married eight months after we met.

So much for slowing down.

To read our story you can go HERE and HERE.

I don’t want to talk about that tonight though.

Today is our 15th year anniversary.

Tonight I want to tell you that Kelly has been my dream maker.

He has been my balance and calm.

He has been my exhale and safe place.

He has been my quiet and best friend.

He has been the man my mom prayed for me.

She knew I would need a man like him.

A man that wouldn’t make me scared to love or to be vulnerable.

A man that would see me as his equal and partner.

A man that would look at me through eyes that see the good and bad…and still see the best.

See the potential.

See the hope.

See the tomorrow.

Our children have a father that loves them, plays with them, encourages them, spends time with them and KNOWS them.

I don’t take it for granted that this creative life I get to lead is a gift.

I know it.

Kelly gave it to me years ago.

He didn’t realize it but he was the one to continue what my mom started so many years ago.

He spoke life over my dreams.

He listened and asked how could we make them happen.

He told me I was special and different and that my gifts needed to be used.

 He took time away from himself to give me more time to create.

He has packaged and made post office runs.

He has gone without so the business could grow.

He has edited and edited and edited video.

He has bragged over me and to others.

He has told me I “make magic” and that he will help with whatever dreams I have “because your ideas don’t fail.”

He prays with me over our marriage, children and business.

He has never…I mean NEVER…complained about this creative life.

Not once.

Mom, thank you for being my first dream maker and helping me realize my life had value and purpose…even if I rolled my eyes at the time.

Kelly, thank you for being my second dream maker and for this life you have given me.

This life of being a mom, homeschooling our children and getting to live creatively.

This life of creating dreams together.

This life of dreaming of what will be next.

Lord, thank you for being the giver of dreams in the first place.

Thank you for the gifts that I want to use to be a reflection of you.

Thank you for opening doors and creating the desire to keep dreaming more.

I hope you have dream makers in your life.

If you don’t…become one.

Search them out.

Surround yourself with them.

Choose people that will speak words of life over you.

Be a speaker of life.


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  1. Barbara Bussey

    Beautifully put! Bless you and your Kelly. I was 43, before I found my ‘dream maker’. We’ll be having our 15th anniversary in January. Sometimes I take his love and support for granted, even though I try not to. Thanks for the reminder and happy anniversary!

  2. Lee

    My mother never encouraged me nor did she praise me for any achievements, which is why I am an over-achiever with many degrees and accomplishments, none of which were ever commented upon by my mother. How lucky you are.

  3. renej

    Love reading beautiful true stories. The truly nurturing relationship with your mom and the love story with your husband comes through in all the art you do. And you, being obedient to the Creator, turn around and share that creative passion, truly a gift from God, with all of us. What a grace gift!!! Thank you!

  4. Krista

    So beautifully spoken and what a beautiful gift to be able to live that kind of life. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Toni

    Beautiful just like you…. you are so blessed and you know it..it is amazing to see both in a person and giving the credit to God! I am also blessed and happy to know you through your creative nurturing that you share with us…Happy Anniversary!

  6. Holly

    Yes, Happy Anniversary! It is a wonderful thing that you have an encourager, helper and dream maker to join you in this journey! 🙂

  7. Susan

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! Wonderful post. I am lucky to have my own personal dream maker; he has always seen more in me than I see in myself. And he has always helped our kids dream big, work hard and believe.

  8. Jen Ham

    I am crying right now, Jeanne. This is so very beautiful. You are so very lucky to have such supportive people in your life. I love this part: “I hope you have dream makers in your life. If you don’t…become one.
    Search them out. Surround yourself with them. Choose people that will speak words of life over you.
    Be a speaker of life.” Yes…thank you for this! xo Jen

  9. Jody


    This post is so beautiful. I’m sure that your children, family and friends realize what a wonderful “dream maker” and blessing you are in their lives. Happy anniversary to you and Kelly!

  10. Lori

    This is beautiful ~ my chest is heavy and I have tears in my eyes ~ what a blessing Jeanne ~ what a love you share ~ Happy Anniversary and many more.

  11. tina

    Beauty-full. Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing. Every good and perfect gift comes from above….

  12. Doré ...BurlapLuxe

    Time adds so much beauty to where we were and where were heading in life.
    Jeanne, this is a picture of romance, and time has only made the two of you even that much more beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary to the beautiful couple ( both of you)


  13. Lee Ann

    Okay now I am in tears as I read your beautiful life story of hope and love from your husband and also your mom. I love how you said that your husband believed in your dream from the very beginning and said what can we do to make this happen. It can’t get more beautiful than that! Happy Anniversary to you both. Thank you so much for sharing this Jeanne.

    Lee Ann

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