I have talked a lot in my newest online art course to be collectors of everything around you and then transform it into something that is your own.

Nothing can leave me more inspired than a day spend at an art museum.

This past Saturday we spent the day as a family at the Denver Art Museum enjoying the exhibit Passport to Paris.

This exhibit is only here one more week and I highly recommend it.

The best part is that each Saturday that the exhibit is on display the Denver Symphony Orchestra is performing compositions from different French composers.

This Saturday they had we had the great honor of listening to a sextet for piano and wind quintet.

It was so beautiful and I may have gasped a bit at one point.

I am greatly moved by art of any form.

The best part is that my children all play instruments and any time they get to hear the symphony they leave so inspired too.

It was a long day of good food, family, music that moved me to smiles and tears and delicious art.

As were were exploring the museum I had some great discussions with my mom about how we have always introduced art to our children.

I want to have a blog post soon to share with you some of the ways we engaged our children to museums at a young age.

I don’t think a child is ever too young to exposed them to the things you love.

We now have three children that take their time through the whole exhibit as they listen to the audio tour.

I love seeing what art they connect with and I am the luckiest girl that my Kelly has always supported bringing the kids on so many of our adventures.

The next exhibit that will open in March will be Modern Masters and I am beyond excited to see more of my favorite artists.

Be looking for our first local The Living Studio {Denver} to take place around this exhibit.


I wanted to give you all a peek into week three of Studying Under The Masters {becoming an apprentice}.

The talented Teresa Sheeley is our teacher this week as she studies the work of Cezanne.

My whole family has been loving all of the videos and we about died over Gaudi and his architecture during week two!

I know this week will be so full of art history, inspiration and getting our hands dirty!

If you think you want to be an art dork with all of us …we would sure love it!

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