The First The Living Studio {Lake Como}

I am back from the first The Living Studio and I am feeling tired, blessed and changed.

I am also a little sick but that will pass:-)

I had dreamed of traveling with other creative people to beautiful and interesting places near and far.

My desire was to get out of our comfort zone and create not just in a studio but out where life is really lived

I wanted to see people capturing their experiences with their art supplies around a cathedral, statue or cafe.

I had hoped to encourage even one person to start carrying their supplies with them once they returned home and to find the beauty right outside their front door.

This first The Living Studio became all of these things and more.

Nothing can adequately describe how wonderful it was to explore and create along Lake Como but I hope this gives you a glimpse…

Our days were filled with walks along cobblestone walkways, lots of steps, double espressos and early morning cappuccinos, sweet chapels and grand cathedrals, cooking classes and kayaking, views that we will never be able to describe or adequately capture with the camera, hikes to castle ruins, afternoon shopping, time at the pool being served drinks we don’t even want to know how much they cost-), evenings in the music room, art classes on the balcony under the umbrellas, quiet sketches in dark sanctuaries, messy hair from boat rides on the lake, dinners that we will dream about until we return to Italy and pizzas bigger than our faces, glasses raised with Prosecco, sunburns and sore feet, afternoon bells ringing, the smell of jasmine in the air and the breeze off of the lake, green shutters and yellow buildings, old cemeteries and untold stories, tree lined shaded paths and sculptures greeting our steps, open air markets, painters on the streets, tiled floors, exploring villas and gardens, creating out of our comfort zone, creating in places that were new, laughter until our bellies hurt and friendships created that will last beyond the trip.

Thank you to all of the women that journeyed to Italy with me!

I hope you will join me again and we can explore and create together!

Plans are already underway for a new The Living Studio in another part of the world.

If you would like to know more about The Living Studio you can email me at

If you currently host retreats and would like to bring The Living Studio to your area you can email me at

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  1. stacy stultz

    <3 you Jeanne Oliver!!! Beautiful story about an amazing week. You touched us deeply and we miss you so much! Until next time…!

    1. jeanne Author

      I loved meeting you and your Mia! I had such a wonderful time with both of you and so glad our paths crossed.

    1. jeanne Author

      Martha, I am so glad you joined us! You brought me so much joy. I loved all of the times I caught you creating:-)

  2. Kolein

    beautiful photos! you inspire me to the ends of the earth! thank you!

  3. marci

    looks and sounds like the creative trip of a lifetime. so glad you got to live and love that dream of yours.

      1. marci

        jeanne lady. you are killin me smalls. i just saw the announcement on stephanie’s fb page. woman.ack. i need a rich uncle to die or something.hahahahah. love you.

  4. Karen

    Oh, I love this post and all the images and also your words describing Italy! What a dream for you and the class participants. You look so sweet and happy. Thanks so much for sharing all this inspiration!

  5. Sandra Feazel

    Can’t wait to hear about the next one! This time in Italy with you was like no other experience! It’s what dreams are made of and proof,that they do come true! Loved seeing your pictures and remembering each moment! Truly a blessing in my life to have spent time in Italy with you!

    1. jeanne Author

      I loved the times we were able to talk one on one! You have an artist’s heart and a heart for adventure. I am excited to see where it takes you!

  6. Kathie Vezzani

    Wonderful pictures, Jeanne, and it looks like it was a fabulous trip, just wanted you envisioned. Did you bring the porsche home with you? Oh my was that a thing of beauty.

  7. paulette adams

    Hi Jeanne,
    Greetings from Laguna Beach!
    I loved reading this story and enjoyed your description of your time spent in Italy with all the photos, that accompany it so beautifully. What a great adventure! Thank you so much for sharing all the beauty and inspiration!

  8. Becky

    Absolutely stunning. I want so much to be there with you. I love watching you walk out your dreams.He’s so good !

  9. Beth Bates

    Lovely. Ben to Italy twice. It is my soul place! I would go in this next trip but Jeanne I don’t paint. Though I am a creator of all sorts and live and love it- painting is not my thing. So sad. I can write and design something, but no hand for painting. Hmmmm. What crafts are you doing in this next trip? I wish I had that gene. The paint one skipped me!! Love all you do and your heart.

    1. jeanne Author

      This is not at all just about painting! I promise. So many fun things that will inspire and encourage you in your creativity. I am wanting to do some mixed media projects but also paper clay. I hope you will consider coming. If you need anymore answers feel free to email me at

      1. Bates

        Thank you Jeanne. I know it will encompass so much. I know I would love. Love the faith focus also. Will be in touch. Just wouldn’t want to embarrass myself with sketching. Lol! Xo

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