Each week I will be featuring one of the teachers in my brand new class Creatively Made Home {home for the holidays}!

This class will begin October 15th.

{last week I featured Andrea Fowler of Keeping It Cozy}

This course will be all about loving on your family, friends and home during the holidays.

It is also about focusing on what is really important, how to handle the stress and how to create authentic moments with the ones you love.

I promise you that you will really laugh, may cry, be inspired and definitely encouraged.

You may even leave with a ton of decorating ideas, gift giving projects and fun recipes:-)


If you have taken any courses with me on my creative network you have probably seen the talents of Jennifer Rizzo.

Jen has been a part of my courses since the very beginning.

She has taught beginner Santos dolls techniques in Creatively Made, showed her DIY and design side in Creatively Made Home and taught an in depth Santos Cage Dolls course.

As much as I admire Jen’s creativity…it is her friendship that is the treasure.

I am so blessed that she is joining me again for Creatively Made Home {home for the holidays}.

If you were a part of the original Creatively Made Home you KNOW how funny Jen is and how comfortable she is behind the camera.

You feel like she is your best friend and you are just hanging out together.

Jen is also one of the most creative people I know and one of the most hardworking.

This creativity and drive to learn and figure out anything means that she brings you amazing projects with easy to follow instructions.

I would describe Jen’s style as boho, prairie, vintage and eclectic…what I am saying is that she is the original Anthropologie:-)

Jen also doesn’t want to buy something that she can make.

She is all about saving money but not sacrificing on the look she is after.

Here is a peek into Jen’s incredible home and her style…






I can’t tell you what Jen’s projects will be but I promise you that they will be good:-)

You may also want to checkout the outstanding job Jen and her husband just did on their rental property!

It just went on the market and you can see the past four months of work they have put into it.


Registration is open for Creatively Made Home {home for the holidays}

Come and be inspired this holiday!

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