Art Under Resin: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Air ToolYou Pick! You will need something to blow the inks around with so pick one to start!
Blow Dryer (Must have a Cool Setting- not just a “cool burst” but an actual setting.)
Air manual pump
Air Brush – (Not Mandatory, especially in this course) I have this one and I use this tank. *Note mine came with a small tank. I just wanted more flexibility with more air and longer lasting tank so I upgraded my tank. I use the same airbrush with it. I DO NOT put any paint in the air brush. I use it as a air tool only.

Inks | There are many brands of alcohol inks. You just need some to get started.
*Get Colors YOU are drawn to. You will enjoy and experience the inks the best by picking out colors you like to begin with.
Copic Various Ink Refills – Dickblick by far has these the cheapest. There are over 335 colors of this ink. Do not buy the Copic Markers! Be sure to get the Copic Various Ink. These are large bottles of the copic ink that people use to refill their markers. One bottle refills a marker 13 times. These are alcohol ink. We will use them straight out of the bottle (drips at a time) and also dilute them into smaller bottles. You can also mix your own colors like I do. I teach you all about this in The Art of Alcohol Ink. There is no need to purchase a ton of these at the start of this course. Pick out some colors that appeal to you to get started. Think of how the colors you pick will mix as well, because, well, any two will end up mixing on the substrate. You can also mix up other colors from what colors you start with, leaving you with more to play with in the beginning as well! I will post ink swatches to all the colors I have to the The Art of Alcohol Ink account on IG. You do not have to be in Instagram to see the account. I just did not want to post all that I will on on my personal account so I opened that one too. So check in there for some ideas of color. The colors in the chart online are a BIT off.

Ranger Alcohol Inks – You might have these around already. Use them! You can always purchase some of the copic various above too or when you are ready. These are pretty much everywhere. Ranger has released a ton of new colors in the past year! I use Ranger’s Mixatives in this course. I love the texture they create.

Pinata Alcohol Inks – I have never used the pinata inks, but people seem to love them too. You will want the mixatives from Pinata though for sure. Will list below.
Some Reese Alcohol Inks are sold at Michaels.

Pick one or two! Or Three! Until you want to go further.

Pinata Gold, Silver, White Mixatives- this brands mixatives “float” and create a unique effect. You will most likely like to have one at least on hand.
Ranger Silver, Gold, Pearl and Snow Cap – Snow Cap is the one that allows on dark substrates. Pearl will add a pearly sheen to your work. Silver and Gold from Ranger react differently, more flat. Very interesting in texture pieces.

Blending Solution
Must have Tim Holtz blending solution! (No smell – only one I use)
Pinata makes one (I do not like as it has an odor- but you might!)
Bottle of 91% or higher Alcohol Ink. Buy two bottles. One for working with, one for diluting/mixing inks. (I use Everclear below)
Bottle of Vegetable Glycerine if you are going to dilute and mix your own colors.

I do 90% of my work with EverClear not Rubbing Alcohol. Everclear is moonshine or Grain Alcohol you buy at your local liquor store. DO NOT DRINK IT. And keep away from kids that could possibly think it is just another mixable to cocktails. It is not. It doesn’t have all the bad stuff that rubbing alcohol has and works so much the same to me.

Other Paper if you want
Heavy Weight Yupo Paper – I use Legion 11×14 WHITE not translucent and I use both weights. You will get a feel and decide. I cut it up when I want to. It can also be bought in sheets. Yupo can be used on both sides! I have an art supply store here in Nashville that sells all sizes of sheets that I can purchase in person. Michaels does not carry any Yupo. So be sure to make time to order and have shipped. Yupo also comes in two weights. Heavier weight is excellent for heavier mixed media work. Work that is just the inks is perfectly fine on the medium weight. *If you love translucent, get it! I did not use it in the course, but you certainly can. Alcohol Inks work on any non-porous surface. Glass, Plexi Glass, Glazed Ceramic, Metal, oh my….!

Kirkland Photo PaperThis is the paper you want hanging around to experiment, get used to your tools etc. It works almost exactly like yupo but extremely cheaper. There is a reason this PARTICULAR BRAND photo paper works. It can be bought through Amazon or ordered directly from Costco as Kirkland is Costco Brand. You do not need to be a member of Costco to order the paper online. I do not use it in this course but did a lot in The Art of Alcohol Ink.

The Art of Alcohol Ink has lots of papers. SO many have come out now.
We stick to Heavy Weight Yupo Paper in this course. Set up for Success!!

Bottles for Mixing and Diluting – These are the Small Bottles and Big Bottles I use for my alcohol inks.
Fine Liner Bottles for embellishing if you want.
Small mister bottle of alcohol – again only 91% or higher.
Small mister bottle of water
Labels for your bottles. You can make them or buy some. You just need to know what ink is in your bottles. (OR paint a swish of black chalk paint on the bottle and then write with a white posca pen, the best)
Droppers if you want to use

Heavy Weight Yupo Paper 11×14 at Amazon and at DickBlick get your larger pieces by the sheet. Absolutely get Heavy Weight for doing mixed media on top.
Wood Cradled Board- You can buy these online almost anywhere. I found a company on Amazon that sells them so inexpensive and I have loved them. These are gallery depth (1 1/2 inch deep) on the sides which I love. Here are the sizes I have bought. 24×36  | 24×30  | 11×14  |   4×4  (only 3/4 inch deep pkg of 5) | 6×6 (only 3/4 inch deep pkg of 5) |
You can also get less depth cradled board at Michaels in packs of like 5 that are excellent too for getting started. (USE A COUPON) Key is no canvas. You need the cradled board. I show you how to use canvas but it should not be your starting point! Set up for Success!!
Gloves– I love these because they are black 🙂
Palette Knives if you like it. These are what I have.
Blue 3M Painters Tape – DO NOT GET OTHERS. Get this brand, it is reliable and sets you up for success.

Art Resin- You can buy at Amazon or from them direct. You might have used other resins in the past but setting you up to succeed I highly suggest getting this resin. Here is their beginner kit that includes a small beginner torch too! They do NOT include the butane so you would need to get it. It also includes gloves and more so check it out as a starting point! Just so you have an idea, this 32 oz will allow you to create everything in this course. I used 25oz on my 24×30 piece in the course. That leaves enough to do at least 3 small pieces.

Culinary Torch I use. I am not sure why this has moved from their main one. I LOVE mine. They have another that does not have the hold button here. You can use these for encaustics and more too!
Butane for it if you get the ones above. This does not work in Art Resin’s torch as they have a ‘lip’. You need the Butane cans with NO lip to refill Art Resin Torches. Like These.
Fire Extinguisher CAN that I show in the course… LOVE IT- No Fus
Silicon Mats I use (you can also prepare with black garbage bags- watch first!)
Mask I use. Note- you only need a mask when sanding resin or heating for elongated amounts of time (we do not but I still use the mask while doing this). (Same with using alcohol in large amounts which we do not do) I wanted to include because some will ask and this is my complete set up. I will do a video for you too as it can be confusing. Mask here. 3M Particulate Filter here (10 pack). 3M Organic Vapor Service Life Indicator Cartridge here. 3M Respirator Filter Retainer 501, 2EA Set here.
Black Hefty Garbage Bags
Resin Measuring Cups that I use
Xlarge Resin Measuring if you plan on also doing a very large piece like me
Stir Sticks
GAC 100
Levels for leveling artwork for resining. I use these for the small pieces. So cute. You can pick up larger levels anywhere.

IF you need, want a little sander like mine, this is it.
Handheld Sandpaper Mix otherwise so you can sand down if you want too.
Mix of brushes – you will want a small pointy tip for cleaning as well as moving around the metallics sometimes. You will need an old acrylic brush.
Use what you have, watch first.
Do note that you will not want to use the brush for other mediums after this. So pull them aside for inks only.
Matte Medium
Heavy Gel Medium in any finish (Heavy/Thick is the key word here. It is for mounting)
Clear Gesso
Acrylic Paint (in a background color you would like- I suggest a shade of white to unbleached white for practice)
I used Pastels, Liquidtex Inks, Hydrus Watercolor,
Awesome Wooden pencil holder I show you in the video if you want it! I used it with conte.
Here are the leads that go with it. You saw me use conte and charcoal.
Gold/Silver Leaf if you want (Optional)


Krylon KSCS079 Short Cuts Aerosol Spray Paint, Clear Gloss
Krylon K01378000 Gallery Series UV Archival Varnish Aerosol Spray, Matte
Krylon Triple Thick

In My Studio I use this fan mounted on my wall. It is AWESOME and does all kinds of directions & flow. Like 8 figure motion to circulate if I want, and just all kinds of settings. I keep wanting to pull it apart and paint those blue blades though! I also have this Air Purifier in my studio- because we all should.

This is really about the Mixed Media tools YOU want to use in your piece. Watch first before running off to buy any of this below!
Embossing Powder VersaMark Pad
Tsukineko ME000900 Full-Size Memento Fade Resistant Inkpad, Tuxedo Black (Either of these 2 ink pads are safe with your alcohol Ink)
LF868 Lawn Fawn Fawndamentals Ink Pad- Black Licorice
Powder Tool (Optional) (Use if Embossing)
Stamps you like (Like you see I use stamps with writing)
Craft Heat Gun if you want to emboss (Not the HOT HEAT GUN like for Encaustic- it is too hot)
Paper Towels (Shop Towels work well on the yupo paper)

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