Book of Soul: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

My supply list is crazy long, because when I’m doing my best work I am hushed to everything ‘out there’ and totally tuned in to my own impulses. And my own impulses like alllll the mediums!

I show you several techniques and options in the videos, to give you a full spectrum of inspiration. You can easily settle in on a couple of them at a time – or you can go all in for a very diverse body of work. Let it be a starting point, and take every technique as far as you can, far beyond what I show you.

You DO NOT need everything on this list. You can improvise in so many ways, and I encourage you to try new things with what you have on hand. The materials list is broken down into what is required to fulfill the very basics of the lessons – the rest is optional and truly up to you.

The most important thing to have for this workshop is ideally 20+ different color laser copies that represent your Soul. Please take time to choose what is YOURS. This is your time to deepen into the sweet, pure flow of the essence that is ALL YOU.

You will be so happy that you did.

Inkjet prints are optional – and it is very important to note that inkjet prints WILL NOT give you results in the image transfer lessons. You must use laser prints for those.

My Book of Soul is an ambitious 42 pages for a workshop, and is a mishmosh of laser and inkjet prints on paper and fabric.

Your Book of Soul can be 4 or 400 pages. That is entirely up to you … as long as you listen to your Soul it will be perfect.

Please make sure that you choose materials in your color palette, not those linked here, they are just examples. There are no colors that you must have, that is completely up to you.

To fulfill basics of lessons:

Access to for building collage sheets – there is a free version with plenty of options, and a paid version.

Color laser prints / xeroxes – gather images from your phone, your art, your life, your journals. Gather only what speaks to you *deeply* and conveys the essence of your being in words and pictures. Then, have them made into color laser copies, my preference is a 32lb weight paper. These can be done at any print shop such as FedEx or Kinkos. I usually upload them via their online site, then go pick them up. If you live too far for that convenience, you can have them shipped to you.

You may also want to have your collage sheets printed on laser paper. You can also use your inkjet printer but they will not have the same vibrance and you cannot take them into transfers.

  • Various types of paper
  • Anything else you can find to write, draw and print on such as scrapbooking paper, tinted mixed media paper, papers you doodle on, stain, etc.
  • Ephemera of any kind that you are willing to cut up
  • Book pages, magazines, music sheets, laser prints, and originals of your own art or art journals
  • Needles and thread: I use individual spools sold at fabric stores I’ve collected – the link is to an all in one kit.
  • Matte Gel Medium
  • Sponge – I used a normal kitchen sponge and a paper towel for the stenciling. You can use a paper towel, a kitchen towel, a sponge brush, even tissue paper will work.
  • Sink and water
  • Adhesive such as Glue stick (my preference these days but any type of adhesive will work just fine.)
  • Fabric glue (I use this to adhere images to fabrics – you can also stitch or try a glue stick or whatever other adhesive you have).
  • Xacto knife (for cutting stencils, for cutting everything else scissors are fine too) and cutting mat
  • Calligraphy pen and nib
  • Inks – I use several inks that I have had on hand for a while. You will be fine with any India inks such as Higgins, or acrylic inks such as Liquitex, in as many colors as you choose.
  • Fabric like muslin or linen – ANY fabrics would be awesome, but if you want to print or transfer on them they should be plain. Vintage linens can be super fun, too.
  • Sticky Fabri Solv
  • Stencils such as these (if you do not want to make your own)
  • Acetone – needs to be strong, 100% acetone
  • Matte Stencil Film (if you want to make your own stencils)
  • Inkjet printer – this is the one I use.  (only necessary if you want to do inkjet prints on fabric, canvas, or print out your collage sheets)
  • Inkjet canvas (if you want to do inkjet prints on canvas)
  • Thick thread or twine, or ribbon, or strips of fabric for binding
  • Hole punch (or ruler and awl / Xacto knife): I used a three hole punch because it is what I already had, even though my paper was only big enough for two holes. You can use a 1 hole punch if you already have one.
  • Wax paper – for between your pages, to protect them

Things that make you feel your soul – for me that is old things, things attached to an important story or place I have visited.  For you it will be anything that represents your soul, purpose, passion. You might not use them in your work but it will be inspiring to have them near you as you work.

Optional, used for freestyling, finishing, and detail work:

  • Masking tape, or tape of any kind (I always have a few sizes of masking tape on my work table)
  • Paintbrushes of any size, and container for them / water. Those linked here are just an example.
  • Acrylic paints **in your color palette**. I love Golden brand, but you can use anything you have.
  • XL Charcoal – I use this for writing, and for detail work occasionally.
  • Fixative spray (if you are using charcoal)
  • Inktense water color pencils – I bought mine at my local art store where I could choose the individual colors based on my color palette.
  • Water soluble crayon, I used a white Woodys. Inktense or Neocolors or anything water soluble will work.
  • Gel pens – those linked here are a good example, but any will work.
  • Alcohol marker – I used a few yellows from this set, but any will work.
  • Stamps (I use letter stamps similar to these on a page or two for detail work, but off camera).
  • Ink pads – for stamping the letters, any color in your palette.
  • A few large safety pins – if you choose the temporary binding method I show you.


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