Children of the Wild: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List

Brushes 1/4inch angle brush

Assorted filbert bristle brushes- I use 2,4,6,8

Watercolor paper- 140lb or 300lb hot press paper

Vintage ledger papers  – look on Etsy or Ebay. Here is a store on Etsy that has some nice papers

Vintage fabrics and laces (I like to collect vintage tablecloths and napkins and tear them up: check vintage and thrift shops or find some nice fabric and laces at fabric stores or online)

Wood cradle boards-18” x 24” or whatever size you want

Daniel Smith watercolors or whatever you have. I use burgundy yellow ochre, rose madder genuine, piemontite genuine, sodalite genuine,

If you want to try something less expensive, I love this set of watercolors and these would work well too, lots of yummy colors!!

Pan pastels –paynes gray, red iron oxide, perm. Red x dark, yellow ochre shade, diayl. Yellow x-dark

Acrylic paints-yellow ochre, manganese blue, paynes gray I use Golden

Oil bars-R&F –titanium white or Winsor Newton – titanium white

Cretacolor charcoal pencil holder  Cretacolor charcoal lead

Cretacolor artchunky charcoal set

Derwent XL Charcoal

Vine charcoal and blending stumps

Mechanical pencil 0.3 lead

Pentel hybrid technic pen extra fine point

Tiny painting knife

Stabile pencil


My stencils

Walnut oil

Quil pen and nibs

Inks-any brand of India inks….Some fancy inks can be found here: I used salamander This color is out right now but there are so many gorgeous colors if you want to spend the money, that is if you love ink, but really any brand will do.

Joint compound- any brand….here is what they have at Lowe’s

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