Creative Girl: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List


Acrylics/Fluid acrylics (whatever you have on hand)

White fluid acrylic paint

Transparent watercolors: and (only if you have them – totally optional)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dr. pH Martin’s liquid watercolors are NOT light fast. As a rule, any finished piece will need to be protected with UV glass and should never be hung in direct light. If you are a geek about archival-ness and longevity of your pieces – this may make you uncomfortable.  Don’t invest in them if that is something that will bug you.

Paper and Panels:

Birch panels (sizes have not been determined yet – probably 8X8 and/or 6X12 – you can always substitute with a size you have on-hand.)

Watercolor paper (hot or cold, whichever you prefer) and/or

Scraps of patterned paper

Transfer paper

Pencils, pens and brushes:

Watercolor brushes

Acrylic brushes

White paint pens and are my faves

Mechanical pencils (any kind will do – try to find .5 leads if possible


Mod-Podge (Matte)

Clear Gesso (a must-have)

Bits of ribbon, lace and washi tape (again, just use what you have on hand – these will be used sparingly)

Liquid pencil (get one of the rewettable colors – whichever color strikes your fancy (I use Grey #9)

Paper Stumps (for blending) (

Acrylic Glazing Medium

Acrylic Matte Varnish

Lap Board (optional) (white/dry erase/no frame – you can pick them up at student supply stores this is just a good example)

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