Cups & Mugs: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Substrate and Preparation Materials

Wood cradleboards: I use DaVinci Pro Birch Wood Panels with 1-5/8” deep sides, but any brand or depth is
fine. Or, use any surface you prefer – paper, stretched canvas, canvas panels, gessoboards, hardboard
panels, etc.

  • Project 1: 8” x 8” square (or any square size)
  • Project 2: 12”x 12” square (or any square size)/li>
  • Project 3: 6” x 12” (or any 2:1 aspect ratio rectangle)
  • Bonus Project: 8” x 8” square (or any square size)

Matisse Background Coloured Gesso in China Red (or any brand colored gesso, red acrylic or craft paint).
NOTE: Red color is optional; use any priming color you prefer.

White charcoal pencil
Charcoal pencil (soft – 4B)
Vine or willow charcoal – soft

Acrylic Paints and Mediums

Golden Heavy Body Acrylics (or any acrylics that you prefer) in the following colors:

Pebeo High Viscosity Iridescent acrylic paint in Precious Gold (or any comparable high-viscosity/heavy body
metallic gold acrylic paint)

Golden Acrylic Matte Medium or Satin Glazing Medium (or comparable medium that extends and thins

Optional: Golden Retarder or comparable medium that extends the drying time of acrylics

Oil Colors and Mediums (for Bonus Project)

Artist-grade oils in the following colors. NOTE: After each color, I listed the brand I use, but use any
brand/grade oils that you prefer.

Gamsol odorless mineral spirits (or any comparable solvent)

Optional: Gamblin non-solvent gel medium


Working Palette for Acrylic: metal butcher tray palette 11” x 15” (or any palette you prefer)
Working Palette for Oils (for bonus project): glass cutting board 12” x 16” (or any palette you prefer)
Optional: Storage Palettes and accessories:

  • Masterson “Sta-Wet” storage palettes for acrylics and oil colors
  • Special sponge and palette paper inserts designed for “Sta-Wet” palette (for acrylics)


NOTE: because sizes are not uniform among brush manufacturers, I listed the approximate width of the
sizes I use.

For acrylic paintings:

Rosemary & Company “Ivory” line short-flat (bright) brushes (or any brush brand/style you prefer) in the
following sizes:

  • Size 1 (bristles approx. 5mm wide)
  • Size 3 (bristles approx. 7.5mm wide)
  • Size 6 (bristles approx. 12mm wide)
  • Size 8 (bristles approx. 15mm wide)

Pointed round synthetic or bristle brush, size 1 (approx.. 2.5mm in diameter)

For oil painting:

Rosemary & Company “Evergreen” line short-flat (bright) brushes (or any brush brand/style you prefer) in
the following sizes:

  • Size 1 (bristles approx. 5mm wide)
  • Size 3 (bristles approx. 7.5mm wide)
  • Size 4 (bristles approx. 9.7mm wide)
  • Size 6 (bristles approx. 11.9mm wide)

Palette knife (any size/style you prefer)

Wipe out tool (I use a double-pointed tool with beveled and fine-point tips, but use any style or other stylus
you prefer)

Other brushes/tools:

Foam brushes for gesso (I used 1” and 2” wide disposable foam brushes)


Finishing Supplies

Spray Varnish suitable for acrylic or oils (I use gloss finish, but use matte or satin finish if you prefer)
Black Gesso or any matte black paint
Sawtooth hangers suitable for the weight of your substrates

Miscellaneous Tools and Supplies

Printer for reference photos and journaling prompts
Tabletop Easel (or any easel you prefer)
Stencils for tabletop and wallpaper patterns (I used a striped stencil, a polka dot stencil, a hand-made floral
stencil, and a damask stencil, but you can use what you like or have available)
Artist tape (or low-tack masking tape)
Clear adhesive tape
Graphite transfer paper or carbon paper
Ruler (at least 12” long)
Water tub/container for rinsing brushes (acrylic)
Container with tight-fitting lid for solvent (oils)
Wipes, paper towels or rags
Pencil sharpener


  • Camera or smart phone for capturing your own still life images
  • Tablet, smart phone or laptap for displaying your digital reference image
  • Snapseed App (free photo editing app) for adding gridlines to reference photos
  • Adhesive backed craft foam for homemade stencil (you could use cardboard or heavyweight paper)
  • X-Acto knife and cutting mat (for homemade stencil)
  • Clamp lamp with aluminum reflector (for lighting still lifes)
  • Paper, fabric, table linens, napkins, or dishtowels for backdrops for your own still lifes
  • Cups and/or mugs that you love to create your own still lifes
  • Journal and writing implement for responding to journaling prompts

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