Fresh Blooms: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List

Canvases: 4 canvases, any size from 8×10 to 11×14. You may use any sizes you wish, just not too large. These don’t have to be expensive; I like these from Michaels.
Brushes: 1” and 1/2” wide brushes, synthetic bristle for acrylic or oil. For our purposes, these don’t need to be a good, expensive brushes. These, from Hobby Lobby, are my favorites.
Palette Knives (optional): 1 small, 1 medium
Plastic cards (2) such as hotel key cards: 1 whole, 1 cut into different widths (you may want to wait and cut yours after you see mine in the video).
Pencils: I’m using Berol Prismacolor Black but any one of these will work – charcoal, graphite 3B or 6B, No. 2 pencil.
Paper Towels or Cloth Rags
Water Container
Blow Dryer (optional): if you want to speed dry-time.
Paint-Mixing Surface: paper palette, butcher paper or whatever you currently use.
Fixative: if you use pencil, you will need to spray your piece with a fixative such as Grumbacher Final Fixative when your painting is complete.
Acrylic Paints: these may be student grade tube acrylics or craft paint. Liquitex Basics are great but I’ve linked colors below that aren’t available in Basics or where I think you need a better quality.
Titanium White
Raw Umber
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Raw Sienna
Golden Alizarin Crimson
Golden Cadmium Red medium
Ultramarine Blue
Cadmium Yellow medium
Cadmium Yellow deep I call it yellow orange in the sunflower video
Liquitex Teal this is the one I use in the lesson but it is expensive. Basics turquoise will work.
Payne’s Grey

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