Inspired Decorating Ideas For Summer: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List

Creating Weathered Finishes Supply List

1. Unfinished wood frame or wood piece
2. Distressing tools
3. Paints- house or craft
4. Fine steel wool & vinegar
5. Jars with lids for each color
6. Foam brushes
7. Cotton rag
8. Sandpaper &/or sanding block

Paints & Prep

1. Cream
2. Benjamin Moore-Revere Pewter
3. Benjamin Moore-Sag Harbor
4. Benjamin Moore-Texas Leather
5. Steel Wool Solution
6. Anne Sloan’s Chalk Paint-French Linen can substitute a medium gray tone for this color.
7. Burnt Umber


*Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part water for each color, store in jar.
*Steel wool solution-

Fill sealable jar with vinegar & add 1 fine steel wool pad
Let sit for about 5 days, as it ages it will take on a rusty color as applied.


Creating Original & Meaningful Art Supply List

1. Card stock
2. Light weight drop cloth
3. Downloadable Images
4. Tacky Spray
5. Scissors
6. Flat board canvas (I like 8 x 10)
7. Printer
8. Frame

Resource Guide for Images Graphics Fairy Rhine & Stone Co.(Etsy) Antique Graphique(Etsy) Summer Town Prints Mazix(Etsy) Graphicals(Etsy) The Antique Pixels(Etsy) Vintage Bee Graphics(Etsy)


Creating Canvas Art From Your Favorite Summer Images Supply List

1. Framed or flat board canvas
2. Image 3. Editing software(Pic Monkey)
4. Tissue paper
5. Tape
6. Scissors
7. Card Stock
8. Tacky Spray
9. Mod-Podge Sealer Spray
10. Foam roller
11. Mod-Podge Gloss


Select your canvas size & edited image. Print image slightly larger than canvas size on card stock wrapped in tissue paper, see video. Peel off tissue paper & lay over canvas, run fingers over edge when you have it centered as a guide.
Spray canvas with tacky spray & carefully lay tissue paper image over. Smooth down middle & work outward pressing firmly, one hand on top and the other under back, as to not stretch or pull canvas. Cut away excess along the top edge making a straight line, smaller scissors are sometimes better.
Let dry for an hour in dry & cool place. Take Mod-Podge Sealer & spray outside.
Let dry. Roll on 2 coats of Mod-Podge Gloss to top, let dry.

Enjoy your beautiful collected images from summer.


Building A Rustic Summer Tray Supply List

1. Mdf base 15” x 24”
2. 2 long side frames(craft board) at- 24”L x 21/2”H x 3/8”D
3. 2 short side frames(craft board) at- 153/4”L x 21/2”H x 3/8”D
4. Paint or stain for underside of base
5. Drill & drill bits(1/16” & 3/8”
6. ½ yd. of your favorite fabric
7. Nails & Gorilla Wood Glue
8. Hammer & distressing tools
9. Steel wool solution
10. Foam brush
11. Jute rope 3/8” thick
12. Tacky spray
13. Scissors
14. Foam roller & Mod-Podge Gloss
15. Sanding tool


Take your sanded base & paint or stain the underside, let dry. Take your side frames, distress with tools and stain with steel wool solution. Predrill(along edge of side frames about ¼” in, see attachment) once dry. Take fabric & mark where you want it centered. Spray tacky spray liberally over 15” x 24” base. Cover with fabric & press firmly running down middle and out to sides. Once dry roll on 3-4 coats of Mod-Podge & give lots of time to dry. Keep pressing firmly on air bubbles. Once dry it will be sealed good. Take 2 short sides & add rope handles. Nail & glue(little dabs) on long sides first, then short tops with handles. Let glue dry & enjoy a good picnic.

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