Paint Your Town: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

My heart is to not have you run out and buy a ton of art supplies that you won’t use. I would love for you to watch the videos first and also use what you already have on hand.  I will always share everything I use  in each video but the beauty of mixed media and art journaling is that I can use a yellow ochre in watercolor sticks and you can use it in acrylics.

Basic Supply List

Watercolor paper


White Gesso

Clear Gesso

Black Gesso (small)

Liquitex Matte Medium

Laser printer copies of photos of images of your town

Acrylic Paints




Black Stabilo


Skewer or sharp tool for mark making

White and black pastel

Favorite paintbrushes

Vintage ephemera

Bull Dog Clips

Ranger Heat It Tool

Dewent Watercolor Pencil XL Charcoal

Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks

Mechanical Pencil

Neo II (go to Dick Blick and pick the colors you want)

Water Brush

Soft Gel Medium


Some of Jeanne’s favorite colors:

Dewent Watercolor Pencils: grey blue 68, gunmetal 69, Steel blue 06,

Supracolor II: malachite green 180, ochre 035

Winsor & Newton Watercolor Markers: raw sienna, burnt umber, payne’s grey, sepia, yellow ochre

Daniel Smith Watercolor Stick: yellow ochre, graphite grey, quinacridone burnt scarlet, raw sienna, buff titanium,

Daniel Smith Try It Card

Clear Gesso and White Gesso Sticker Labels

Rust Transfers

rusty objects

flour sack towels

squirt bottle with 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar


Handmade Journal

strip of cloth or leather strip

collection of papers, vintage papers, cloth etc. (I cut everything 6″ x 4″ but also included smaller pieces)

Ranger Sticky Back Canvas


Value Basics

Mechanical pencil

Water-soluble graphite

Value Sketch

Mechanical Pencil

Black Stabilo

Watercolor Sketch

Payne’s Grey by Daniel Smith

Mechanical pencil

Print Making

Basic Stamp Making Kit

I purchased a large piece of the carving block separately


Black paint or gesso

Contour Sketching

Use whatever tools you have on hand. I used willow charcoal, a watercolor pencil and a pen

Showing and Telling Mixed Media

Clean gesso

A laser print for an image transfer

Golden gel medium for the image transfer

Black Stabilo

Charcoal pencil

White gesso

Mechanical pencil

Conte crayon

Acrylic paint

Burnt umber ink

Deconstructed Polaroids

Polaroid Camera and film

Exacto knife

Rubbing Alcohol

Mark making tools

Tech and Landcapes

Prisma App

Workable fixative

Clear gesso

Acrylic paints (but I think oils would work the best)

Town Abstract


Acrylic paint

Mechanical pencil

Tea bag

Needle and thread

Mark Making Tools

Words cut from a magazine

Painted Journal Cover

Black Stabilo

Acylic paint

Mechanical pencil

Willow charcoal

Mark making tools