Radiant Watercolor: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List

It is my goal to make watercolor very accessible so I have kept the supply list small.  I use a very limited palette in this class in hopes that you can purchase the best paints and papers.

A set of 3 primaries

*(I will be using 2 sets: quinacridone rose, raw sienna, ultramarine blue and scarlet lake, yellow ochre, cerulean blue
* I highly recommend and encourage you to get the best watercolor paints you can.  I will be using Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith

140lb cold pressed watercolor paper
I recommend Arches, Fabriano or Strathmore 400 or 500

Brushes – Watercolor
I recommend a size 6 or 8 round

* Silver Black Velvet are my favorite, I also use Princeton Elite
*If you would like to start with a hobby store brand the green Protégé brushes are good too.

Gum eraser
Craft or masking tape
2 water jars
Paper towels
Charcoal pencil

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