Rebel Encaustics: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List


  • Basic Art supplies such as your favorite acrylic or watercolor paints, collage ephemera, scissors, craft knife, etc.
  • Your favorite gel medium (I like matte gel in either the Liquitex brand or the Golden Brand)
  • Griddle
  • Griddle Thermometer
  • Encaustic Medium, 1 lb.
  • Hake Brushes like this or this or chip brushes
  • Clothespins or larger bulldog clips (to keep brushes from falling into wax pan)
  • Other brushes as desired for smaller, detail encaustic work (These can be inexpensive and I recommend flat brushes with longer handles).
  • Baking/cake pans – non-coated, aluminum pan is preferable (an 8”x8” pan like this or bread pans like this work great) or metal tins designed specifically for encaustic work. Protective surface for your table:
  • Visqueen
  • Butcher paper
  • Parchment Paper
  • Thick Aluminum Foil
  • Table covering plastic from fabric store
  • Paper or large plastic bags
  • Heat gun
  • Substrates (see substrates list below)
  • Small fan or other way to create good ventilation such as an open window or working outside.
  • Paper Towels and wet wipes or dry and wet rags
  • Mark making tools such as an awl or clay working tools
  • Clear Gesso – I prefer the Liquitex brand because it has more tooth and transparency when dried.
  • Artist Tape
  • Protective Gloves


Have on hand as many substrates as you want to play with in any size you love the most. I recommend having some smaller ones on hand such as 4”x4” to use as learning substrates. All of these are examples of suitable substrates:

  • Heavy watercolor paper
  • Foam core
  • Masonite
  • Art Boards
  • Art Panels (cradled)
  • Plywood – ½” thick or thicker
  • MDF – ½” thick or thicker
  • Craft Store Sign boards
  • Fabric
  • Canvas boards


This list is in addition to the basic supply list above. Once you have the basics on hand, you could add any or all of the following supplies to expand the options of techniques and effects you can create. I recommend that you wait to purchase any of these supplies until you’ve watched all the course videos and have a better idea of what techniques and processes appeal most to you.

Oil Sticks. Here is a set of 12 basic colors but you can also get lovely themed color packs as well like this Traditional Colors set of 6 and this set of R&F Brand Pigment sticks.

Oil Pastels. I love the Sennelier brand like this set but Portfolio and Neocolor are great options as well. I highly recommend that you purchase individual sticks in colors you love if you want to keep the expenses to a minimum. Many online art supply shops will sell them individually.

Wax Sticks (these are a great way to sample different encaustic paint colors to know if you want to invest in larger quantities.) Here is a set of primary colors but you can also search for and purchase individual sticks in other colors.

Encaustic Paint (In addition to clear encaustic medium, I always have some white and black encaustic paint on hand for mark making or a bit of relaxed encaustic painting. Additionally, you can find encaustic paints already in ready-to-use tins in a variety of colors like these if you want to splurge.)


  • Soy or Paraffin wax to clean brushes (Soy is non-toxic and is easier to clean up than paraffin so soy is my preference if I choose to use a cleaning wax.) Fixative for oil pastels
  • Oil Pastel Fixative

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