Soul Doll Sculpture: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List



  • Wood dowels 3/8”x 12”
  • Dry floral foam
  • options for ARMS: 19 gauge wire, upcycle doll arms from another doll, found objects, pencils,
    paintbrushes, sticks. Feel free to be creative!
  • 1” masking tape (try to avoid Dollar store masking tape – it’s not sticky enough)
  • serrated kitchen knife
  • small craft hammer
  • box of tinfoil (any brand)
  • small paintbrush, plastic spoon and plastic knife and/or sculpting tools if you have them small h2o container w/ small amount of water
  • 1lb. Aves apoxie clay in white (buy direct from Aves Studio to avoid someone selling you an older product. You want it new and fresh! (please note that part A will be softer than part B)
  • 8 oz. Creative paperclay
  • small bottle of Elmer’s Glue All (a glue stick will not work)
  • hot glue gun (the one I use in the videos is a large one versus a mini)
  • wire snips (also called wire cutters) I have seen these at the dollar store
  • vinyl exam gloves (or latex kitchen gloves in a pinch)
  • rag
  • sheet of freezer paper
  • piece of newspaper (for when we cut the foam)
  • SHOES: You want your shoes to have depth inside and you want them to be rigid. Our dowels go inside the shoe, so we need that depth to support the legs we create. No soft leather, sandals, straps or open toe shoes. I get most of my shoes on eBay. Look for toddler size 6 or smaller (I love size 2 or 3). Words to search for: vintage toddler walking shoe. Brands to look at under vintage: Buster Brown, Jumping Jacks, Stride Rite, Edwards and Weewalkers. You could also use bronzed baby shoes. Also feel free to use shoes from your kids, as long as they have depth and support. Happy to look at any pictures or help you pick the right shoe.
  • acrylic paints: pink, white, cream/offwhite, flesh (optional), black (optional). Doesn’t need to be any particular brand. Use what you have on hand.
  • paintbrushes – I use small, flat brushes but you can also just use your favorites.
  • DRESSING YOUR DOLL: since this is your Soul Doll, a personal piece, pick meaningful things for your doll to wear. Ideas: old fabric scraps, cutter quilts, old doll dress, laces, ribbon, embroidered pieces, fibers , doilies, clothes from family to cut up (don’t need all this , just suggestions!)
  • fabric scissors
  • straight pins
  • embroidery floss (cream, beige or white) and needle


  • sewing machine (totally fine to use a machine but not required)
  • craft oven (or use kitchen oven) – not required but does accelerate dry time of paperclay
  • blowdryer (accelerate dry time when painting face)
  • Allene’s tacky glue
  • small amount of isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer to clean any Aves clay residue
  • string or baker’s twine for adding texture to legs, arms and neck

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