Wild and Free: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List

Should we talk supplies? I actually don’t tend to buy a ton of art supplies. I can journal with a ball point pen and a random piece of junk mail paper…or I can get the most beautiful hand-bound journal for hundreds of dollars. It doesn’t matter. It’s about showing up. For me, I don’t tend to use expensive materials because I’m thinking about how much those materials are costing me while I’m using them….and that totally messes with my head. Find what works for you…but if you are nervous about using a certain material (or are saving it for a special occasion!…), return it asap!


In all of the lessons, I will include a suggested list of supplies. Ugh. I’m cringing while I’m writing this. PLEASE use what you have. If you’d like to play with a new art supply, great…but don’t wait til you have it to start your art journaling practice. Feel free to substitute any suggestions I make. It’s not about having the right stuff. Cuz it’s just stuff, right?

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