Made By Hand {In The Studio}

I will think of new pieces I want to create all of the time.

I will draw them out and put them in an ever growing pile of ideas.

The truth is….I have not painted anything since New Years Eve.

We gave the kids tons of choices for New Years and they chose art night.

So, we all created late into the evening.

I love these times with my kids when paints are left out all day…and even days…and we can create off and on whenever we feel like it.

It is always amazing to me how much they create anyways but when the paints are out it is usually all they want to do.

Right now my mind and creativity is focused on getting the new line of clothing created and then I will have more time to focus on the art and jewelry for the line.

I may have to take a break soon from all the fabric stuff to just get my hands dirty with paints for a little while.

What are you creating right now??


Just a reminder to be taking those photos for the All Four Love photo challenge.

I can’t wait to see what you have been shooting through your lens.

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  1. Stacey

    what a wonderful way to spend an evening! but to welcome in the new year creating with your family…. how precious.
    I have been busy creating prints, cards & bunny sculptures! So much fun!

  2. Mikal

    Very beautiful Jeanne… as I’ve said before, I’m loving all your art … this one has the sweetest lips. For me, the mouth is the first thing I look at on people… then their eyes. I want to see laugh lines, smiles…. that they possess a sense of humor.

    Giggling this morning after yesterday’s post on “the talk”… I used to have talks with my kids while on long road trips… then they couldn’t escape. I hated when my dad did that to me… yet I torture my kids the same way! LOL

  3. amy~the gypsy chick

    Good morning Jeanne!
    i just love your new canvas! i am in the middle of the Brave Girls workshop, so that has opened up a whole new creative outlet for me. i have always loved multi media art, but for some reason had been a little fearful of trying it. funny ~huh. So right now I am trying alot of new techniques from Melody & your friend Christy!
    You have so many talents in so many different area’s Jeanne that I think that it is great, when you need a break from one area, that you can still have an outlet in another!

  4. chrissy

    jeanne…i LOVE her. she is wonderful.
    YOU are wonderful.
    i love visiting here. it.s one of my favorite times of day!

  5. Leah C

    Your art is AMAZING! This piece is really beautiful!! And I love that your kiddos wanted to have art night for New Year’s Eve…so sweet:)

  6. julie

    love your pictures, Jeanne. I love getting creative with the kids. I’m working on catching up with the BG class. happy creating!

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