I feel like I have been through a lot with my health.

Even in the midst of being really sick it was only my immediate family that knew how hard my days were.

Because of all I have gone through and in the end I am making my way…I sometimes downplay things with my children.

Years ago I would have panicked and rushed them to the doctor and today there is a calm and peace that things will be fine.

My daughter, Madolyn, had been complaining of headaches.

The only time she would tell me about them is when they were bad enough to make her cry.

Her headaches were ALWAYS on the same side of her head and they would go away within 30 minutes.

I attributed them to not eating breakfast soon enough or other little things.  Because they always went away I didn’t think much of them.

Madolyn also began to experience chest pains.  Pains that eventually became so uncomfortable that she would cry.

I believe with my own experiences and then also hearing the story of others throughout the past years is that your body is amazing and can take a lot of abuse…but at some point it starts to show you anyway it can that you are hurting it and you need to stop or it can’t function properly any longer.

That is exactly what happened with Maddy a few weeks before Christmas 2010.

Madolyn was outside with friends playing with sidewalk chalk and she fell over onto the concrete.

She blacked out.

I was inside the house talking to a friend when I heard crying.

Kelly carried Maddy inside and kind of non-chalantly told me Maddy has blacked out.

I love men and how calm they can stay in many circumstances.

Not me!

Instantly my mind is racing back to all the headaches and chest pains and I was starting to put things all together and then scared what this could mean.

Did I miss something?  Did I play the headaches down and now something was really wrong with my little girl?

We took her to  Children’s Hospital to begin Maddy’s round of MRI’s, CAT scans, blood work, xrays….you name it they did it over the next few months.

Each test came back that she was perfect.

Each test told us nothing was wrong with her.

During this time her headaches continued and her chest pains became significanly worse.

Each test that came back negative we cried with relief.

During this whole process I kept telling Kelly that maybe ..just maybe…all of this was because Maddy had allergies like mine.

It comforted me to think that all of this could be  food or environmental related.

After the last test had been run and it came back negative we made an appointment with Dr. Haneca.

Madolyn’s blood test showed a severe allergy to gluten.  It also showed us other foods that she was allergic to and all of her enviromental allergies.

These were HUGE to us.

She is severely allergic to chlorine, flouride, most children’s painkillers and artifical dyes!

I had even noticed some of this and hadn’t put it together.

When Maddy had been in an indoor pool at hotels (where the chlorine is so strong you can smell it walking into the hotel) after about 20 minutes she looked so wrong that I took her out.  This happened a few times and she looked like she was going to blackout.  She told me she felt fine but the other moms and myself always thought something was wrong.  It was!!!

Once we rid her diet of gluten guess what happened?

Here little intestine was cleaned out and no more chest pains.

All of that was from being backed up because her body couldn’t digest it properly.


Gone!  She has never had one headache…let alone one that makes tears stream down her face.

Our foods affect us in POWERFUL ways!!!  Powerful!

Everything I went through has been completely worth it because we knew what to do with Maddy.

She didn’t spend eight years with chestpains and headaches and her symptoms WOULD HAVE GOTTEN WORSE!

These were just the beginning sytptoms of her body trying to tell us that is was broken!

Dr. Haneca told me that kids don’t get headaches.

Kids don’t complain of pain unless something is wrong.

Infact, she said that adults shouldn’t get headaches either.

I hope you will indulge me one more story this weekend about my sister and her beginning road back to health.

It is completely different than mine and Maddy’s and I think you will be inspired.


I have been getting a lot of emails today asking for the name of my doctor.

For those in the Denver area you can contact

East West Health Center

Dr. Shamanie Haneca

She specializes in Chiropractic and Functional Medicine


If you are not in the Denver area go to www.stopchronicdisease.com

This site will help you find a natural doctor in your area that specializes in Functional Medicine.

I hope this helps.



I love it when you like a bag I have made or a piece of art…but knowing that sharing my health journey is helping a person find an answer when they felt helpless is the best!

I KNOW what it feels like to feel HOPELESS about health.

I also KNOW the JOY of finding answers!!!