New Sadie!

Good morning, ladies!

I am so pleased to let you know that we have a new Sadie for you.

Each Sadie is made from vintage fabric.

This purse is lined with a gorgeous green linen, a buttoned (pretty cream floral button) pocket for your keys etc and a cell phone pocket.  The Sadie closes with an antique brass, magnetic snap.

Each Sadie comes with a large, removable, cream linen and tulle flower.

Just like the last Sadie… can take this bag anywhere.

In fact, it has so many uses.

It is the perfect size to fit all those things that you need (and possibly can not afford:-))

OK…OK…please don’t steal.  But…the Sadie DOES hold a lot!

You can find your own Sadie HERE.

{All photos taken at my favorite local stops...Dream Pastries and The Barn.  If you come to Castle Rock these are two places you HAVE to visit!  Thank you so much for allowing us to photograph in your amazing cafe and shop.}


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  1. mgriffin

    You’re a riot! What fun! Great photos of a beautiful Sadie and a truly lovely model:)

  2. Melanie

    I think you owe me Sadie since your “model” stole my ironstone. ( wink.) Love it!!! GORGEOUS BAG! Beautiful model.

  3. Paula Parrish

    I am LOL. That is just to funny; hey I think that head may have fit just fine in Sadie. All kidding aside, I love your new bag; it is just to cute. You are very talented and design amazing items. Smiles, Paula

  4. paige

    would you please stop

    my jeanne bag collection is already taking over my closet. actually two pieces are hanging from my french doors leading into my living room.


    the temptation is overwhelming

    forget the tokyo milk,if i was at your home, i’d totally be jamming a new green sadie into my gold sadie. so take that missy

  5. christine

    This photo shoot is just fabulous! What fun! Can’t wait for my Sadie!

  6. susan allen

    im not surre if the girl in these photos is jeanie or a model but she is the exact size i want to be i want my jeans to fit like her’s and i want to own a pair of pointed toe flats like her’s i know u all don’t really care bout this but it sure did do me well to be able to speak out a goal and actually see it right in front of me i now havew diabetes and am 30lbs over weight just had my hip replaced but i do believe i can still dream and jeanie if this is you i love everything bout you ur products and ur look and style THANKS for the inspiration who knows maybe my first step needs to be to purchase a Sadie Bag and magically the rest will just happen oh well its worth a try SUSAN

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