Good Morning!

I meant to announce all of the winners yesterday but Kelly and I went to a live stream of Leadercast and then home to celebrate three May birthdays at our home.

I am announcing the winner of all the goodies we are giving away to celebrate the growth of the creative network!

Thank you for celebrating with us!

The winners of the 5 complete online course packages (worth over $500 each)…

I’m celebrating the joy of the smallest moments – the sun on my face, the cup of coffee in my hand, the purr of the cat next to me. It really is about capturing the small moments for me.

Barb J. commented:

This is an amazing giveaway. I celebrate each and everyday that I am able to be with my grandkids. They make me happy and I laugh all of the time when I am with them.

Celebrating LIFE…how wonderful are the miracles of the Lord that play out each and every day in our life… how precious are the people and the blessings He gives us to celebrate our life with… and how gracious are the opportunities He provides us to bless the lives of those around us!

I am celebrating getting healthy .

Chris commented:

I am celebrating the loveliness of YOU and all artful people who inspire me every single day!
So glad I found your network through my friend @somepinkflowers ANOTHER person to celebrate!

The winner of the $200 Dick Blick gift card is…

Jenna commented:

Let’s celebrate together!!!

The winner of the cuff from Farmgirl Paints…

Arrica commented:

Today I am celebrating my 40th birthday! In my short 40 years God has granted me six beautiful children, and a loving husband. Can’t wait for the next 40 to unfold.

The winner of the t-shirt from House of Belonging...

Celebrating love and sunlight!! Pinned It! Tweeted it! FB’d it!

The winner of the pottery cups from Kimberly Taylor and Tiggy & Grace…

I’m celebrating the strong creative women on this site that have inspired me to move forward and just create without worry of being perfect:)

The winner of the set of 6 tea towels from Jennifer Rizzo…

Christa Thomas commented:

And pinned!! Now off to see if there are any classes I’ve overlooked:-)

The winner of the Noonday jewelry from Paige Knudsen…

I’m celebrating the progress I’ve already made in my goal to run a 5k this fall! I started from not running at all 6 weeks ago and I’ve already noticed such a difference in what I’m capable of – physically AND mentally

The winner of a vintage goodies from Marian Parsons…

I am celebrating life today. Just the fact that we have breath means he (the lord) is not done with us yet. #thankful

The winner of the print from Wendy Brighthill…

Jeanne and friends! I love your site and am so happy for your success!! Today I am celebrating my conscious decision to move forward and realize my dreams!! hugs to you!!

The winner of the vintage grain sack pillows from Dreamy Whites…

Judy A. Earley commented:

Today, I am celebrating the many gifts that my 5 children share with me. As their mom, I am very proud of them, of course. But, when I think about their individual gifts and how they share them so freely with others (including me) without even knowing that this is what they are doing…it is very inspiring to me. Tonight, I will make a point of telling them how their gifts are special and how generous they are in sharing them.

This is a very generous giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win such lovely items.

I have posted the info on my social media pages. Good luck to everyone!

The winner of the necklace from Lisa Soers is…

nachell sturges commented:

I’m celebrating another day of life for my dear friend diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, and the blessing she is to me

Congratulations to everyone!

If you are one of the winners please email us at

One of the best parts of this giveaway was to read all of the things YOU are celebrating!

Thank you…that was a gift to me and so many that were reading.

Thank you to everyone that entered, shared our site and have been the reason we have had all of this growth in the first place!

Have a wonderful weekend!

{All prizes need to be claimed by May 31st}


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