Our First Live Workshop In Our New Studio {come and check out the photos}

When people ask about my new studio or about our first live workshop it doesn’t even feel real. Our life is so different than it was five months ago and I think we are all still wrapping our heads around it.

This move, this land, this house and this studio has changed our life. That may sound like an overstatement but I can promise you that it isn’t.

I hope someday I can do a better job explaining what is in my heart and head but for now that is what it is. Our lives are changed.

I walk from our home to a studio that has the space and light to dream bigger. Bigger means actually bigger pieces but also knowing I can indulge in pottery, welding etc. if I so choose. I have doors and quiet and space and light and room to gather with other artists. I can leave everything out and come and go as I please. I can be an artist in a new way.

The first workshop brought women together from all across the US and even Canada, it gave me the privilege of building a studio for them and me, it brought strangers into our home and land and they left as friends.

This whole gathering gig is pretty sweet.

I always tell my children that the Lord will start with their authentic gifts and then grow them.

They saw that first hand this first workshop as they served other people and talked to them. The gift of listening and looking someone in the eyes. The joy that you receive when you welcome people into your home and make them feel loved.  The comfort of sitting with a stranger and finding out you have so much in common. The honor of standing beside another person in the moment of sadness.

So, this first workshop (that at this point seems more like a dream) is hard for me to put into words right now but I hope you will get a glimpse of what it felt to be here by looking through some of our photos…

Reflections: Paint Your Story Live Workshop

Thank you to each and every one of you that came to create in our studio!  You made this dream come true!

If you would like to create in the studio our next workshop is August 12, 2016 with Danielle Donaldson. You can read more or register HERE.

Our photographer for this event was the incredible Cathy Walters. Go check her out!

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  1. Kara Rosenberry

    everything is so gorgeous Jeanne! the presentation of your gorgeous meals and mimosas!!! This is indeed your time and calling. Your heart and sensitivity and listening ear are one of a kind~ Love you! and couldn’t be more happy for you!

  2. Sheila Earhart

    Awesome, Jeanne! Was so blessed by you and every lady there!! I’m still processing it, and loving every memory!

  3. paulafava

    Fabulous! I felt as if I were there with you all!!! Still drooling over one of those blue art bags though:))).

  4. Tonia

    I’m pretty sure these blessed ladies must have felt like they were living in a dream. What a gorgeous experience you created for them!

  5. Pam

    You and your family and Jen made this fabulous event pure magic. You are an amazing woman…I am so thankful you heeded God’s call to greatness…and that I listened when He whispered that I needed to go to Castlerock and share this special moment in time with these fabulous women. I am truly blessed by it all.

  6. Lynne Davey

    Absolute perfection. You are a true testament to believing in your dreams and following your heart. I am sure all those women had a life changing experience. You are also a hostess with the mostest! Thanks for sharing the photos of your first retreat.

  7. karabullockart

    It really couldn’t look/feel any better than this! Congrats to you!! What an amazing thing you are able to do for you and for others!!! I hope to have something like this someday!!! <3

  8. Kim Mineer

    What a beautiful experience you have created for those coming into your studio. And online! Thank you for what you do!

  9. Lisa Viger

    Wow, this is just beautiful in so many ways. The space is gorgeous and everyone looks so happy to be making art. 🙂

  10. Karen Cannon

    Your studio is amazing! Love your art, your vintage boxes and containers, and your bags are beautiful. Love your artwork, too!

  11. Sandy

    Everything looks so beautiful! What an amazing experience it must have been for the women and your family as well. Details are stunning! Will the blue art bags be for sale in your shop soon? 🙂

  12. Marita Poll Images

    I LOVE it! Wish I could have joined you. I’ve made a promise to myself to come to an upcoming workshop. You are such an inspiring teacher Jeanne! Also – I recognize some of these lovely women! xoxoxox~

  13. Kerry Sinigaglia

    Quite simply a wonderful and very grounding yet creative looking space. The fabulous people you must meet. You are blessed.

  14. Rachel Callaghan

    Oh this looks idyllic!! Enormous congratulations, Jeanne and family for making this happen. You will be giving so many people beautiful memories and experiences. The studio looks amazing. The roll-up windows look INDREDIBLE!!! Really happy for you. Just wish you were in the Southern Hemisphere so I could come to a workshop! xo

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