Play House With Me {and we have a giveaway}

Today is the official launch of Creatively Made Home!

So many awesome, fun, beautiful projects and videos are underway and I thought it was about time that we celebrated all of the goodness coming out of our next e-course!

I am hooked on e-courses because…

*The connection I get to have with all of you

*The ease of the videos and the convenience of watching them whenever and wherever you want

*The live chats

*Watching creative women connect with other creative women and really create friendships with women from all over the world

*All of the amazing and beautiful content that I get to share in such a personal way

Creatively Made Home is a course all about making life beautiful in the everyday.

It is about creating a home that reflects your heart in everyday living.

Each week you will have videos from all five hosts of the course.

Sara Duckett

Tracey Leber

Jennifer Rizzo

Kimberly Taylor

Β and me (Jeanne Oliver)

To hear WHY I chose each of these women you can read more HERE.

Each week you will have discussion videos and project videos.

You will have a live chat on our community forum with one of the hosts each week (you can ask anything your heart desires).

Each week we will chose one room from one of your homes and give you suggestions for how we would transform it.

There will be project pdfs for you to use in your own projects.

There will be beautiful home photos from each host to help inspire you.

A entertaining e-book to download at the end of the course!

We want you to feel like you are a guest in our homes…because you will be!


So, let’s talk about this giveaway!!!

I want to give 10 of you a spot in the new course.

Everyone that is registered in the course will be entered into a second giveaway once the course begins!

We will chose one registrant to receive one on one consultation (with the host of their choice) for a five room decoration consultation!

We are so excited about this.

To win a spot in Creatively Made Home all you have to do is:

*Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite thing about your home is.

For additional entries you can…

*Blog about the course

*Facebook about the course

*Tweet about the course

*Pin the course on Pinterest

Each time you do one of the above come back to THIS post and let me know.

Feel free to use any photos regarding the course when you spread the news.

We already have women from all over the WORLD registered and we would love to have you too!

You can watch the course trailer HERE or watch below.

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  1. Lori Byrne

    My favorite thing about my house is that I can use it to showcase my special belongings – treasures past down from the past and my ‘new’ treasures – my two daughters!!

  2. Cheryl M

    We have an older home and my favorite thing about it is the OLD but oh so gorgeous hardwood floors in my foyer and dining room. I have a number of antiques and would dearly LOVE to learn how and where to place them effectively!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  3. Tammi webb

    Oh I want to win this so much! I have been reading about it for weeks now and it just isn’t in my budget πŸ™ it sounds amazing though.

  4. kelley mickus

    Hi Jeanne – look like another amazing course! my favorite thing about my house is the living room and fireplace. itΒ΄s my favorite place to relax and read a good book. my favorite thing about my home is sitting down to nice meal when everyone is home – which is rare these days! i would love to win a spot i this course – keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. Stacy Mc

    My favorite thing about our home is living room. So cozy. This course looks great!

  6. tracy hankwitz

    Hi Jeanne – watching your trailer for the course has really moved me. My home to me is all about my family and creating a place for my four kids to feel safe and loved. The past couple years I’ve found myself not at home very much due to long hours at my job. In addition to our four children, we’ve had two sweet Korean girls and my neice and nephew living with us. Life was pretty crazy with all those teenagers in our house. I loved that time that we had with them here, but needless to say, my house was very lived in (and a bit neglected). Now that we are down to two children left at home and I have cut back on my work hours, I want to give my home some special attention and recreate that place that is lovely. A home that welcomes friends and family. A home that my two, soon to be three, college-age kids want to come home to. What a great e-course you are offering! I’d love to win a spot and be inspired!

  7. Chrissy

    My favorite thing about my house is that it is walking distance to the beach. Other than that it is a tiny beach cottage and I have too much stuff!!!

  8. gabrielle messina

    Favorite part of my home is that it is filled with the ones I love most and that it is our sanctuary from the outside.

  9. Abby C.

    I ran across your e-course and is very moved by it. Like you I couldn’t wait to have that perfect home then I had 2 boys within 15 months of each other and we moved every 3 years so life got hectic in a hurry. πŸ™‚ Now one is in college and the other a senior in high school, but I look around my home and see the life we have made. My favorite room is the the kitchen dining. Because it is vibrant and where everyone congregates. I have a houseful of teenagers most of the time and that is always where they are. We are military family that moves a lot but we make our house our home wherever we are at. I would love to learn how to decorate more where the flair is obviously ours. πŸ™‚

  10. danielle muller

    lovely giveaway jeanne!

    my favorite thing about my home is the seamless transition from room to room that i was able to achieve by using a limited color palette…my favorite shades of brown, beige, white, blue & grey. it makes me happy and peaceful : )

  11. Diane Neirynck

    Oh, this is easy. I LOVE my old house. I love the wooden floors and the plaster walls, the old paned wooden windows and the the picture rails. But what I love most is all the people who live here-LOVE all the kids and the husband and the memories we make in this old great house.

  12. Donna P

    This sounds like a FAB class. My fav part around my home is the kitchen, why? that’s where family and friends meet, we enjoy our meals together and I make homemade goodies for my family. It’s the centre of the house πŸ™‚

  13. Donna N.

    I love our little place in the country and watching the sunsets on our big front porch and also the storms as they roll in.

  14. Cynthia

    Oh wow. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. The favorite part of my home is that it is a loft – we have plenty of light streaming in all day long πŸ™‚

  15. janet higley

    i love all of my house…kind of like a big giant alter…wouldn’t mind having a little less..need help editing!

  16. Debbie Ellerd

    I have so wanted to do this e-course but the money is not there for me to spend. My favorite place in my little home is the kitchen and I so would love to have some ideas to look at. There is so much I would love to do to this little old house…..

  17. Donna

    I love sitting out on our big porch and watching the sunsets and storms roll in. Can’t wait to see what this course has in store for us all. Thanks Jeanne for your inspiration!

  18. Marilyn Johnson

    My favorite thing about our home is the location. It is in the country on our farm. We have a huge yard with over 30 large evergreen trees hiding our home from the road. I also love our fairly long winding driveway.

  19. kate

    Your class looks amazing! I am in love with my cozy dining room. My favorite room in the entire house, it’s a wonderful spot to spend winter evenings in candlelight.

  20. debra

    My favorite thing about my bungalow is it’s sturdy, livability. No wasted space and it’s strong craftsman lines, make it easy to live in.


  21. Julie Sopha

    oooh, my favorite thing in my home is the windows……lots of windows overlooking the woods and cornfields……windows recently framed in my own homemade curtains in HAPPY colors that absolutely glow when the sun shines thru. I know what I love but struggle to know how to put it all together. HELP!

  22. Kristina

    I love my house even though I have only been in it for about 9 months. I have many plans for it, but right now my favorite thing is my eat-in, granite island in the kitchen.

  23. suzanne

    I really need to take this course! My house has been going through reno’s for quite some time now and some inspiring ideas would be more than helpful! My favourite thing about my home is that it used to be a cabin back in the day and I love my wood stove!

  24. Donna Woods

    My favorite thing about my home is that is paid for. My favorite space is the bedroom. It has rich and bright colors and Tweet little birds here and there. Heading off to blog now.

  25. pam

    would love this! Unpacking a storage space and trying to weed out the clutter and don’t need anymores has taken over my house! Totally needs a facelift!

  26. dee

    Love your home! Can we trade?!!! My home needs a tender hand!!! But, I do love my “yellow room”. It’s small, cramped, but, the yellow is so happy!

  27. Theresa Wilmot

    My favorite thing about my house is the people who live in it (including the dog!). I love the photographs and artwork done by my husbands late Grandmother and a couple of my own pieces but I could really use help making it look more pulled together.
    Just pinned the course to Pinterest!

  28. Debi

    My favorite thing about my house is the lighting in my living room and looking out of all the windows to the greenery and flowers! Thank you for offering this!

  29. Susan

    My favorite thing about my home is that it is HOME. It is cozy, warm, us. It is humble, and needs plenty of work, but it is our safe haven from this crazy world.

    I also shared of fb

  30. Michelle

    My favorite thing about my home is that it’s our sanctuary. It’s my family’s place to love together and play together.

  31. Lisa

    My favorite thing about my home is the people that exist inside. I love my kids and my husband so much. Wheverever they are, my home is.

  32. sandra h

    The best thing about my home and that I will miss most (getting ready to sell and downsize) is my kitchen island… Over eight ft long and the spot where we shared most of our meals, set up holiday buffets and entertained friends/family, had long talks and solved problems big and small, laughed silly, and rolled out many pie crusts for my pastry creations. It is where I can lose myself in the daydreams of past memories and future peaceful moments…I will miss it.

  33. Casey

    So much I love about my home but the number one is of course my sweet, sweet husband. If we lived in a closet we’d be fine but after years of struggle (physical and financial) we have built the home of our dreams. The neighborhood, the best neighbors ever, the handicap accessibility, the rich colors of the color wheel still bring as much joy today as when we built seven years ago. Some marriages stress during a build but we were amazed how much we agreed on everything – wish one of us knew what a curb grind was then but oh well…

  34. Lori

    My favorite thing about my home is our family that makes it our home. My home is also filled with family heirlooms, vintage finds, and yard sale treasures. I would love to learn how to pull them together and complete our rooms!

  35. Jenny Kinder

    In my house I’m trying to create a personally decorated “private spot” for each of my grandchildren to have a special place at Grandma’s house – to work on a laptop, read, sketch, dress dolls, play with toy cars, etc. One is a window seat, another is a little desk on the landing, a third is an oversized chair with a cozy throw and pillow next to a big bookcase. I hope it’s a forever memory for each of them…nobody else allowed to use your spot!

  36. Becky Jones

    Hi Jeanne..Wow, my favorite thing about our home is the “feel”…that of love, comfort and peace..which I now understand comes only from God’s Spirit and for years I chased after at my local home decor stores…can’t buy that stuff- God gives it all FREE!! I would love to win and be able to learn from you gals..Blessings and Thanks πŸ™‚ Becky J

  37. Wendy

    I would love to win a spot in this e-course! I’ve wanted it since you first advertised. πŸ™‚

    1. Wendy

      Oh, and not to sound corny, but my favorite thing about my home is who I share it with–my hubby and three kiddos. It’s been a blessing to decorate our home and make it comfortable and welcoming. πŸ™‚

  38. Karen Taylor

    My favorite thing about my home is the view of the pond from my living room and bedroom windows. My not so favorite thing is, I have wasted time, energy , and money trying to create a home that reflects my personal taste. I had no direction and it shows. Now, it appears I will be moving to Savannah, GA by the end of this year. My son has applied to grad school at SCAD. I can’t decide what type home I want to buy (in my price range) because my taste is all over the place. At the moment, I am trying to “stage”my condo in SC to sell. I need help.This would be a God send!

  39. Karen Taylor

    Pressed “like” for Facebook and “shared” your original post. What a great opportunity!!!

  40. Nathalie

    Pick me!!!! I adore your style …. Dream of sitting at Tracy dinner table and just know I will fall in love with Sara , Jenifer and Kim

  41. kelly

    Earlier this summer, I made a move and downsized drastically! It is refreshing to live with the essentials–the necessary and the beautiful–to live with favorite things and without excess. This choice has allowed me to live on the water and that is an amazing gift! Waking to beauty and peace each day is the best! Love what you are doing! Thank you!!

  42. Sindy Warkenthien

    How fun!! My favorite thing about my house is that my husband and I can relax, read and restore our sometimes tires selves. It is a place where we don’t have to be anyone or achieve something…just relax.

  43. Sheila atchley

    I love my future art studio! :-). The nest just emptied, youngest away at college, and I am turning one of the spare rooms into an art studio. It sits empty at the moment…awaiting your inspiration. πŸ™‚ I have already purchased my spot, but would take a bag discount…or I would give the spot away on my blog.

  44. poorauntedna

    I have Tweeted today, Pinned today, and Facebooked today. I will blog in the morning and share everything with everyone !! Did you all need me to get up on the rooftop and shout out I joined Creatively Made Home and I’m proud of it you should too !! I own a bullhorn if need be.

    I love my little farmhouse since it belonged to my in-laws and we inherited it 4 yrs ago. My husband was born and raised here so we both still feel very close to his Mom and Dad and the memories that go along with them and this home . Yet I’m trying to make it my own so my children and grandchildren will have those wonderful and special memories of all of us.

    City girl here, living on a farm now, and I lovelovelove it really. No REALLY. I love my home . It’s a dream house for us but it’s sooo stuck in the 60’s. You all know that wonderful and totally worn out by 5 kids and 10 grandchildren look. Help… we need help !!

    It’s all about the love of my family and of this home (not a house that’s just an address) It’s also about how I truly am excited and thrilled to be part the Creatively Made Home e-course. At 58 yrs old the kids are grown (check) have 2 dogs we treat as kids and are totally spoiled rotten (check), have an old farmhouse waiting for a tune-up (check), am looking forward to learning this fall and winter how to create a new space then sit back and let the newest memories happen (check,check) Oh boy am I ready !!

    Well you know what they say. Who are (THEY) anyway. Ok then as those people say ” thats my story and I’m sticking to it ”


  45. Stacey

    I love that my home speaks so much about who I am and it has changed with me over the years.

  46. Trish

    My favorite thing about my house is that regardless of how it looks, it is a place of comfort, love, happiness and acceptance for myself and my family!!

  47. Carrie Olsen

    My favorite thing about my house is how it feels. It ianalways the main thing to me. So hardntodefine. Elegant and balanced, old elements with some modern functionality, balance had beauty. Oh and that big tree out back. It just said “This is a place of peace and rest” to me

  48. Lee Ann

    This course sounds so wonderful….and that video you made Jeanne, is soooooo beautiful.

    I have lived in the same home for 33 years!!! It holds so many precious memories, especially of raising our children inside. I have many times wished for a bigger home, but the one thing I always hear from family and friends is how warm, cozy and welcoming it is when they’ve spent time with us inside. That is my favorite thing. If others can come to my home and feel warm, cozy and welcomed then that makes me feel really loved too. Although, living in a small, over 100 year old home, does have it’s challenges! As much as I love creating and art, you would think I would be a fantastic decorator, but I really need confidence and help in that area. I would LOVE to win your e=course.

    ?Lee Ann G.

  49. formymadeline

    My favorite thing about my home right now is that we just bought it and its our first. Its a clean, blank slate in which we can begin creating memories and traditions for our little family of 3.

  50. katie

    My favorite thing about my home is my family, of course. After that, I would have to say I love the amount of space we have.
    I have already signed up for your course and am excited for it to start.

  51. katie

    Also, I repinned your ecourse under “For the Home,” telling others I had already signed up for this neat course.

  52. must love junk

    My favorite thing about my home is that it completely reflects ‘me’! My quirky, eclectic mix of styles brings the comfort of home to my hubby and me. I’m a new subscriber , and would LOVE to win! πŸ™‚

  53. Katie

    My favorite thing about my house is the open shelving we installed in our kitchen. It is great to display my collection of cake plates and other collectibles. I even change it out for each season.

  54. Frankie

    After 23 1/2 years of living & raising our family in a trailer, my husband which we made into our home, my husband and I bought a house. I love it because we have space to have our family & friends over and we are not all sitting on top of each other literally. I can’t count how many times in a day one of us will say how BLESSED we feel to have this new home. In the trailer we did not even have closets…now we have a walk in <3 We have already hosted family get together and everyone has their own chair and there is ROOM FOR MORE <3 My grandson will have his 6th birthday party here in a couple weeks (shhhh SURPRISE) and there is enough room for a dozen kids to run & play……We worked very hard to get this house, we are making into our home…but the GLORY all goes to our GOD…who
    IS SO GOOD <3

  55. Marietta Warkentin

    I have so enjoyed reading about each of you five creative women who will be hosting this workshop. I so,so wish I had the $$ to do it!!I will be praying for a miracle! But I wish you all the best in this venture. You will inspire many women, and that’s what it’s all about, to re-inspire us women to be happy with what we have, and make the most of it. My home is my adorable shabby cute apartment that I have rented and lived in raising my two son’s solo for the past 16 years. When I was first forced to move here I cried for months,then decided to “Bloom Where God Planted Me”, and that’s what I did. I painted the rooms my favorite colors slowly as I could afford to, yard sale’d and thrift store’d refinishing and re-purposing everything while making my living locally as an artist,muralist,window-painter etc.I have sewn my curtains, and a few slipcovers,planted my postage stamp organic garden, using cuttings to start plants. It has been an adventure of faith,creativity,and patience.My son’s are grown, one just graduated college, the other begins next week!I don’t know if I will be able to stay here much longer due to situations in my life.But I have learned to be “content in all circumstances”,trust God with the large and small, and He has come through for me.

  56. Lee Ann

    I pinned on pinterest about your class. This was my second pin, but this time I used a different photo.
    Crossing my fingers and hoping to win!
    Lee Ann

  57. Lori Moon

    What a great opportunity…the best part of my home is location. I am a Midwest small town girl living in NYC in a 320 square foot studio apartment. By the way, what I miss the most is the sound of crickets.

  58. Larissa Heskett =)

    We Live in my husbands family’s house!! His Grandpa was born and raised here and then his mom and now our family!! It is an 18 inch thick limestone wall house!! We have been able to make some MAJOR upgrades like insulating and sheetrocking the walls putting in new windows and then added some pot lights and outlets that aren’t in the ceiling!! =) It makes a HUGE difference!! We still don’t have closets and we had to add a bathroom because it only had an outhouse!! My bathroom is almost bigger than my kitchen because we had to have a place for the washer and dryer!! I LOVE the location which is on the creek bottom and the history that this home has!! We were able to fix it up, but it still needs more of us put into it!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

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