Storytellers and Mavericks with Jeanne Oliver

Storytellers and Mavericks with Jeanne Oliver | Open For Early Registration

I only offer 1-2 online courses a year because I want what I offer to you to be so true and authentic of me that I share because the art is changing me and my own work. When I create an online course it is because I have no other choice but to dive into this course that has been calling me. I am so excited to share that I have a brand new online course and this time we are taking storytelling through your art to an even deeper level. We are going to create some incredibly moving and powerful art together.


Storytellers and Mavericks with Jeanne Oliver

Each piece of art that I have ever created has led me to this time and each piece has brought me closer to my own journey in storytelling through my art. Only through practice and honoring my own journey and story have I been able to have the courage and vulnerability to create art that tells the story of my heart and those around me.

Join me as we look into the eyes of those that have come before us. Let’s tell their story. The story of the Mavericks. The story of those that have waited for a time such as this. With sketching, painting, collage and mark making we will bring the past to life. We will take beautiful and broken stories and intertwine our own poetry and journey.

We will spill out our stories onto the canvas with hidden messages, symbolism and depth. We will create art that shows emotion, inspires and connects. Maybe there are stories in you that you didn’t know you had to tell.

Discover the power of healing through expressive storytelling and tell the stories that are begging to be known.

Storytellers and Mavericks Collage

Techniques and art that will be taught in Storytellers and Mavericks:

Storyteller techniques to use in your art
Sketching with graphite, Stabilo, charcoal
Portrait painting with acrylics and/or oil paints and watercolors
Alternative image transfer methods
Mark making with stitching and metalwork
Storytelling through mark making
Storytelling and symbolism through collage
Incorporating vintage elements into your work

*The images shown are a reflection of the content that will be taught.

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The early registration price for this 4+ hour course is $38.00. The price will go to $58 on October 22nd 10 pm MST, and the class will go live on November 14, 2018.

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