Meet Christie Drahnak

I am a self taught artist who fully believes our faith and thoughts create our lives. I have loved creating art as long I can remember. I stopped creating art when I went to college because I did not believe I could make a living as an artist. As time went by I kept returning to art. Through finding many supportive online art communities I began developing my voice as an artist. During this time I also began a very rewarding spiritual practice that helped me to change all my beliefs, including the ones about creating art. I turned every negative belief into a positive and began believing in my dreams. One evening I was bursting with excitement telling my husband and son how so many artists were making a living creating art classes and sharing their art. I kid you not the next day I had a message from the beautiful Jeanne Oliver asking me if I would like to create a watercolor course for her creative network. I find so much joy in sharing art with others and I am honored to be able to share what I love with you! Through much prayer, gratitude and blessings from the Lord I now find myself living a dream come true! Thank you so much for being a part of my journey!

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