Meet Diane Reeves

Let’s start with my guilty pleasures: I love books about decorating (my husband would say I like decorating with books about decorating), I basically collect interior design magazines, and I swoon over beautifully written and illustrated children’s books. I find myself most inspired by architecture both grand and modest, nature both soft and severe (I have a rock and stick collection I think of as little divine sculptures), and the places I’ve lived for the stories they hold. Someone said once that “Beauty is my food” and that could be my mantra. I have five children, from 16 years old to 2 year old, and I’m married to a charming and creative entrepreneur and writer (who wrote the “charming” and “creative” part of that sentence and insists on the Oxford Comma). I grew up mostly in Texas, where I learned to do things my own way, spent a few years in St. Louis, a city I thank for teaching me to love cities, and with my family I currently live in Colorado Springs, where I love the seasons and I’m finding I love the high-desert. I’m an ISFP (I know, so 90’s), but on my list is to discover my enneagram, so I can get caught up with the 2000’s. I’m an aspiring painter and have recently returned to school to study Interior Design (recognizing now I shouldn’t have changed my major from Interior Design in college). I think grocery shopping must be the worst thing ever, not counting moving cross country or putting the groceries away. I hope, maybe more t

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