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Kelly Hoernig | Teacher

I was born to be an artist, really. At the tender age of 4 I was pointing at clouds and fields of corn telling my mom how beautiful they were. I am still taken aback by either of them, their shapes, movements and the beauty light creates within them.

My art career is long and has taken many different roads but it has always been about creating. Art school in Chicago, graphic artist/illustrator, craft shows and consignments shops are how I began. I wanted more, to create my own designs… 20+ years later it looks like this. 11 books, 230+ magazine articles, over 300+ designs in acrylic and colored pencils. It also includes countless treks across the United States teaching creative artists and sparking inspiration along the way. Online classes have propelled me into International waters and I am so grateful for the opportunity to present my designs and ideas across the World.

My husband John has been a constant supporter, laughter maker and love of mine since I was 15 (where does the time go?). Our family is completed with Captain Jack and Princess Sophie (shih tzu/bichon mix puppies, well they are really 8 now but still puppies to us) and over 80 fresh water fish tanks. Yes, you read that right, 80 fish tanks – nuts right? We live on 10 wooded acres surrounded by nature, a pond, flowers and so many beautiful gifts hidden to discover. It’s a little slice of heaven honestly and there are days I still can’t believe I live here.

I love painting, photography and realism. I dabble with writing, colored pencils and watercolor. I challenge growth, learning and myself daily. But most of all, I live to inspire others, enjoy an artful life, and try to create something each and every day.

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