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A self-taught Mixed Media Artist, Lorraine splits her time living between the Cayman Islands and Central Florida. A recent empty nester, she fills her days with painting, traveling, and writing. She combines all three hobbies to create illustrated art journals bursting with her adventures on the road. Lorraine is one of the founding members of the collaborative team, Art to the 5th. She created a visual calendar/journal that was the inspiration for The Documented Life Project, a year-long undertaking that encouraged visual and written chronicles of daily life and gathered nearly 14,000 people in a creative and lively online adventure. Lorraine has been involved in the Art Industry for 30 years and just completed her first book, The Art of Crayon, in which she showcases artists who use the humble crayon to produce magnificent works of art! She teaches at local art stores and through her online classroom. Lorraine is also an instructor at Brave Girl University She is a lover of all things random, serendipitous and spontaneous, especially when it comes to travel. Besides being with her family, she would rather be

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