How do I wrap up in words what the past eight years have meant to me, my creativity, the confirmation that what I can dream up I can walk out, the impact on our family, our hearts, our business, the relationships, the laughter, the tears, the collaborations, the hard work, and the building of something beautiful together as a family? I could name a thousand ways our life has been changed by gathering and creating with you at this home, land and studio.

Eight years ago we bought this property specifically to gather YOU. We knew with our whole heart that gathering and creating with you was where the Lord was clearly directing us. Before pink sidewalks were replaced, crooked front porches were ripped out, landscaping was installed or rooms were updated…we built a studio. We closed on the house in January and almost immediately after that we opened registration for our first workshop that would be in June. Then we got busy taking a garage/workshop and creating what would become our studio. It truly was the studio that love built.  Over the years we kept adding to it and making it a place that we would gather and also a place that I would film and create new work. It became one of my favorite places in the world.

A little over seven years ago Kelly went from working full time with the government and came home to work full time with me. After our first workshop he said (with tears in his eyes) that in all of his years working for the government he never felt like he was able to impact and serve people like he had at the workshop. I know our whole family feels like that. Our children have grown up loving on strangers that became friends, so many that we had the joy of gathering again and again and many that we created with once but will always remember. Our family learned how to prepare, serve and love well…together.


As we toasted our family after the last workshop this past weekend our children also added to the toasts. They shared many thoughts that we don’t always have the joy of hearing. The last eight years had taught them what family can create, the love they have felt from this community, to dream outside the box, that they love our marriage and how Kelly and I complement each other, that they believe that they can also create differently than those around them, that using your gifts can truly make a difference in the lives of others (and yourself) and a few comments that I will hold as true treasures forever.

I guess I just want to encourage you to do the things without waiting for everything to be perfect. Whatever pink sidewalks and crooked front porches are in your own life, don’t let them stop you from moving ahead. You will get to them in time and the reward that comes back to you and to others just may create a ripple effect you could not even imagine.

Thank you for the past eight years of gathering you with live art, business and lifestyle workshops and I can’t wait to create and gather with you in new ways as we move forward.