The Roots & Wings Collection | It Has Launched and A Giveaway!


**Thank you for your beautiful response to our new collection! We still have so many gorgeous pieces available and we can’t wait to wrap something up for you. The winner of the $500 gift card to our shop is Cheri Dietzman. Congratulations! Please email us at with your information and we will get you all set up! Thank you to everyone that shared, shopped and loved on the collection!

Cheri Dietzman
Wow! What an amazing collection! So glad I took the time to look 🙂
The watercolor palette, the leather pouch, art bags are my first (and not last glance) favorites!
My friend, Marian Parsons (aka miss mustard seed) is my greatest inspiration.

The Roots & Wings Collection has launched!

We hope you love all of the artisan goods we have gathered.

It is an honor to have each bag stitched just for you, to collaborate with incredible artists and to wrap each piece up with attention to detail.

Please look at our new lookbook and it would be the best if you love it so much that you share it.


Here is a peek into our new collection!

Read to the end to enter our beautiful giveaway to celebrate Roots & Wings.







Come and see the whole collection!

How about a big giveaway for a big collection!

We are giving away a $500 gift certificate to our online shop.

Leave a comment on THIS post telling us what new artisan goods you love the most AND one person that encourages you to live a creative life! We LOVE when you share your stories!

Share the new collection on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Blog and each time link back to our SHOP, come back here and let us know and you will be entered again.

Every time you spread the love about our new Roots & Wings Collection and you will be entered again and again and again….

I will have a random drawing next Saturday, October 13th at 9 pm MST and will announce the winner on this post.


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  1. Sally Van Nuys

    Oh wow, Jeanne!! What a great collection. I have been an antiques and vintage lover for years. Those vintage art collections with the tool boxes are beautiful! I love Mixed Media so much…one of those would be a god send since I am living on social security now. My son encourages me every day to “do more, Mom!” He thinks I am a good artist. He encouraged me to start drawing in charcoal and graphite to do portraits, and I am loving that, too.

  2. Dana Moody

    I love it all but especially the color palettes and the leather pouch. Who encourages me to live a creative life? All the artists that I have learned from on the creative network! Thanks so much for all you do Jeanne.

  3. Judy HOlland

    My favorite thing would be the vintage items and the art items. The person who encourages me the most to create is my husband. He has always been my biggest supporter and has provided me with everything I need to create. He is the one who called me an Artist.

  4. Debra Eastridge

    Love the watercolor palettes! I just had to have one! Ha! Those vintage items are so gorgeous! Cherie Wilson is my biggest cheerleader!

  5. Nicole

    OH my goodness, the fabric on those art bags is so gorgeous! I love the tiny tins of watercolor and am fascinated by how they are mixed with the natural ingredients.
    I am lucky to have two people who encourage my art… my mama and my sweet husband.

  6. Gina B.

    I love all vintage and the watercolor palettes make me long for them! I shared on facebook. I so enjoy your creative mind and style!

  7. Leslie Cude

    Such a gorgeous collection! I love the ruffled apron and how beautiful it looks with paint all over it. My dear friend Amy encourages me to create art because she believes in me and is always cheering me on!

  8. Jay

    What an outstanding collection, Jeanne!

    I’m loving the Living Studio Rucksack in particular.

    I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by many encouraging people, but my husband is especially so. He gives me the space I need to create and plenty of pep talks when the self-doubt kicks in.

  9. Emily

    My favorite is the ruffle apron – I’m so happy you brought it back! I’d love to win the giveaway so I can get one, but the leather artist portfolio is calling to me too.
    My family is supportive of my creative life, but the encouragement I get from my closest friend is extra special. She is more athletic than artsy but she knows that creativity is important to me and often reminds me to make time in my life for it along with the usual obligations and responsibilities.

  10. Christine

    This is a beautiful collection of inspiring things. I love all the art making kits. Thank you for gathering all this for us.

  11. Melissa Renner

    I have a slight addiction to bags and think the vintage fabrics are calling out to me! They’re absolutely gorgeous and I love pieces that have a wonderful story or history behind them. For that reason, I’m also drawn to those vintage journals and ledgers. I do not feel like I am creative, yet I know I was created in the image of our Creator so I just have to tap into what has to be hidden in me somewhere. People like @stephanieackerman1 of @documentedfaith and Crystal of @littlebitfunky remind me that it doesn’t have to be perfect and creativity can be expressed in so many different ways!

  12. Laura Unrau

    Love the entire collection! I’m especially drawn to the tool kits and palette tins how wonderfully inspiring!!

  13. Laura Unrau

    Love love love! Shared on Facebook. The person who inspires me to live creatively is my Mother she encouraged me endlessly from a very young age to create and be true to my own style, although it’s been 26 years since she passed away she continues to inspire on a daily basis.

  14. Jeanne Elliott

    I am a total bag lady and I LOVE your bags!!!! My greatest creative inspiration is my dear friend, Mikell Duncan!! Shared on FB

  15. Tracy

    Oh, so many luscious items, no way to choose just one! The vintage tins with supplies look amazing. Love the watercolor palettes. The plein air bag looks beautiful and so useful! Roxanne Evans Stout and Deborah Fisher both continue to inspire me to create away!!

  16. Deborah Wire

    I love it all. How about a Jeanne Oliver magazine named Roots and Wings!?

  17. Didi

    Oohhh the leather bags and pouches to store all our art goodies in and take them everywhere with us! Love.

  18. Shaye sedberry

    Ohhhhhh it is so dreamy ! I loved all the beautiful vintage fabrics! I LOVE bag #4 and I’m totally smitten with the watercolor pallets . Congratulations on such a lovely collection 💜

  19. Natalie Hall

    I LOVE the portfolio to take along on trips – the perfect portable art studio!!! This is a beautiful collection!

    My family inspires me to be creative in new ways, as does nature itself – I get my inspiration from the beauty of the natural world…

  20. Shaye

    Shared to Facebook 💙 I got ahead of myself and didn’t say who inspires me.
    That would be without a doubt ,my sweet sweet husband! He supports and encourages And always always always can tell when I NEED that time to be creative and be curious.

  21. Paula Fava

    Fell in love with the ruffled apron (among other vintage pieces) … and grateful I was able to purchase one!! Thank You Thank You.

    As for encouragement … I have to say indirectly it would be you, Sweet Jeanne! Your passion for not only your own creativity, but how you have inspired & supported so many … is beyond the beyond & I thank you!

  22. khhudson

    I especially LOVE the watercolor collections-especially the ocean color palette!!! I am intrigued with uniqueness of how these are made 🙂 Who is my encourager? The love of my life, my husband of 39 years. He has seen what art does for me & the way it ignites my passion & so is my best cheerleader ❤️
    I am also sooo excited to do the upcoming alcohol ink class!

  23. Amy Barnhart

    You, Jeanne, inspire me to live creative and it is a special blessing to have your encouragement to use my Hod given gifts. Truly. 2nd, my children especially encouraged me to keep on with my watercolor and to open a shop. They are still my biggest fans.

  24. Lisa Bourdon

    It’s all SO BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the bags and aprons, but am swooning over the watercolor palettes, too – love the yummy colors!
    I am inspired by so many who are living artful lives, including you!

  25. Vicki Lee

    Really love the vintage items and I hope to see this section grow. My eight-year-old grandson is great inspiration for me. I’ve learned from him that there are no rules and all art is worthy.

  26. Darlene Koppel

    Beautiful collection! I love love love the leather pouch. I am inspired by so many mixed media artists including you and your new book which I am currently reading.

  27. Karen Kay

    Love the handmade watercolors and that ceramic palette 💖 wow. My inspiration is my kiddo, she is an artist, without even trying, while I struggle, lol. She’s my biggest encourager too. Sharing on Facebook and good luck with your new line. 🤗

  28. Tracy Smith

    So very beautiful. lately I”m inspired by local Minnesota artists who use north shore elements like smooth stones, birch bark, etc for creating. My daughter is one who inspires me the most. She’s in the 7th grade. Art is one of her favorite subjects. I love the concentration she has when she is in creation mode.

  29. Cheri Dietzman

    Wow! What an amazing collection! So glad I took the time to look 🙂
    The watercolor palette, the leather pouch, art bags are my first (and not last glance) favorites!
    My friend, Marian Parsons (aka miss mustard seed) is my greatest inspiration.

  30. Ellette

    Love the watercolor palette! I have a dear friend that is an accomplished artist who encourages me to continue in my artistic endeavors. She says we are all artists in one way or another.

  31. Rhonda

    I am in love with these little tins & the yummy watercolor pans! My sister Karen is one that inspires me today & as I grew up it was my Aunt Barb. Creating brings joy to my head AND my heart! Looking forward to the alcohol ink class! ❤️

  32. Becky Winters

    Oh my! I love it all! Now what? The one of a kind bags are great! I love the little art bags! The handmade watercolors and palette! Love them all! My best friend from the third grade, Jacqui, is the person who encourages me! She is always there to push me! Love her too! LOL

  33. Carol Weiker

    I’m lucky enough to own one of the portable art bags and love the grain sack bag. You and your network are my greatest inspiration as I be learned so much from the wonderful classes taught by the most talented artists.

  34. Christina Aiton

    I totally love everything but the paints really speak to my soul – such deep rich color. And I thank my son for being my biggest fan – he really encourages me to paint paint paint

  35. Vicki

    I love the rucksack and the artist portfolio. And the paints! It’s all so pretty. My husband is my biggest supporter. He made sure I had a room of my own for creating when we moved into our house. Everyday he encourages me to follow my dreams.

  36. Patricia Stein

    Was für ein wunderbares Giveaway ! Ich liebe besonders den Schmuck , einfach fantastisch ! Ich blättere durch das Magazin und bin sehr inspiriert von den Bildern und Geschichten , das habt ihr wirklich toll gemacht.

  37. Patricia Stein

    Oh, ich habe noch vergessen zu erzählen, dass meine Freundin Margitta schon viele Jahrzehnte meine große Inspiration ist .

  38. Jakki Garlans

    I love the color palettes, I am trying to learn about water color painting at the ripe old age of 67! I’m finding the wealth of colors available totally overwhelming, so having coreographed groups would be so amazing. At the moment, I am reading all that I can find from Jane Blundell who has really helpful information about color and color theory.

  39. Rebecca Jones

    Oh the art bags are lovely, as is absolutely everything! Jeanne you have a magic touch! My Momma has always encouraged me to express myself through art of any venue and she led by example…art is therapeutic! Blessings 🙂

  40. Charise

    I simply love this beautiful collection of supplies! My parents always encouraged me in art and music. My mother and I even took art lessons together from a local artist years ago and we had such fun learning together. The apron you offer is grand, the vintage items are as well, but, the colors of the sea speak to me most of all. I need those!!!

  41. Cheryl Blackwell

    Beautiful items! I love the rucksack and the artists portfolio. My children and grandchildren encourage me to live a creative life. They are incredibly talented in so many ways and show me how to incorporate creativity in my daily life.

  42. Charise

    My mother and I took art lessons together from a local artist when I was young and we had the best time!
    I love the apron you offer. It’s beautiful! I need the colors of the sea paint set!!!

  43. Carol Ezovski

    My favorite thing are the totes (like the Cream Ruffle Tote) and the jewelry. Jewelry is my favorite craft project and my husband is my biggest supporter!

  44. Diane lanford

    I love, love the prayer beads, but missed getting them again. But I sure see some beautiful items to create with. My girls inspire me with there lives and beautiful children.

  45. Linda

    I love carefully made bags. I especially like the Living Studio Art Rucksack. My husband encourages me to live a creative life through writing.

  46. carol clark

    Shaffer Vintage Fabric Handbag my aunt debbie she is always telling me look beyond and i finally relize what she means keep writing and keep enjoying life

  47. Sharon

    I love hand dyed fabrics, unique pillow covers, handcrafted leather journals, and unique bags. My daughter has been a lifelong source of inspiration and creativity for me, and so has my grandma. Grandma taught me to cook and to garden, and to be creative and experimental with both.

  48. Leaon Star

    So many beautiful things in your shop… I really love the leather pouches and since your classes have been collecting more charcoal pencils and things that I could put inside them. :). My greatest encourager to create and be who God created me to be was my angelmother. I asked her shortly before she passed on what was something that took her .. her whole life to learn and she said, “Patience…. learn Patience.” So that is what I’m trying to learn… especially in my creative life and learning to sketch and paint.

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